Top 10 Museums in UK

London has many viewable things for tourists, museums are another attraction for the travelers. Some of the top 10 museums are listed below so you might be interested in them.

1. British Museum

British Museum
British Museum – Source

The British museum is the top of the UK museums as it is located in London, with a collection of more ornaments and human history, culture. It was established in 1753 with a collection of more than 8 million objects. The museum entry was free since 2002 at that time the director was Neil MAc Gregor.

2. Science Museum

Science Museum
Science Museum – Source

The science museum is the second popular museum in England situated in South Kensington. This museum is attracted for every tourist that visit London as it had more than 3 million items including Stephens rocket. There are more that are historical and available at this museum only to watch.

3. National Gallery

National Gallery
National Gallery – Source

This national museum was founded in 1824 in London situated. The museum also called as art museum as it has a collection of over 2300 paintings done by earlier human beings. The museum not only top in United kingdom, but also in the world of top 10 most visitor visits

4. Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum – Source

We can understand from the name of museum that it has ancient war items over 10,700,000. The museum has five branches and three of them were within London only. The museum was found in the early of 1917 and it contains most of the items of First world war. As of today 2013 the museum is for learning and understanding of the modern and ancient civilizations.

5. Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum
Fitzwilliam Museum – Source

This museum was founded in 1816 with a collection of arts and paintings. This museum is located in the trumpington street opposite Fitzwilliam street and entrance for visitors is almost free. The museum gets around 300,000 visitors in year.

6. The lowry

The lowry
The lowry – Source

The Lowry museum was built in the early 20th century by S. Lowry and it is become on his name of museum. The museum is located in Manchester England. It was built-ed with modern design of building and good look view like presently cinema theatres. Visitors should watch atleast the building design.

7. World Museum

World Museum
World Museum – Source

The world museum lies in the Liverpool of England with more facilities. There is also planetarium with a free entry to it. There are more type of item which are ethnology, weapons, sciences and whatever the earlier human being used. Some of the items are also from Worldwide.

8.  National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland
National Museum of Scotland – Source

This is from Scotland as it one of the best museum for me, and it is located in Edinburgh Scotland. The museum contains a collection of recent Scottish culture, antiquities, history and olden technology items. There are more than 8000 objects.

9. National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum
National Railway Museum – Source

This railway museum was located in york of north Yorkshire in England. This railway museum has won so many awards and it contains all of the earliest and contemporary train products, The museum also got one of the best museum award was European museum award in 2001. It is a home for the national vehicles of railways which are being used in previous civilization.

10. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum – Source

The museum is located in south Kensington, exhibition road as it is the largest museum from the other museums. The museum was built with exempt charity and is also non public body departmental. The museum covers with more than 75 million of science and skeletons. There are more items that are from a long history. The museum is good for every visitor and researchers as it contains a lot of valuable animals and human being skeletons.