Top 10 beaches in north cornwall

Cornwall has so many beaches which are beautiful to spend holidays in summer. Cornwall having beaches in four directions, so I am describing about top ten Beaches in north of Cornwall.

1. Bude Beach

Bude Beach
Bude Beach – Source

Bude Beach is located seventeen miles far from Camelford and twenty seven miles from Wadet bridge. Dogs are banned in the beach only in summer and rest of the year they are allowed. This Bude area is a big seaside resort with an attractive beach around the seaside. This beach is also called as Summerleaze beach, where people can swim as safety is good. The beach area having shops and cafes to enjoy the area.

2.Bedruthan Steps beach

Bedruthan Steps
Bedruthan Steps – Source

Bedruthan Steps is one of the largest sandy beach in north Cornwall and is only open in summer vacation because of it coolness and huge water. The beach is not suitable for swimming or sleeping around the beach as the water forces to grab anything at the seashore, so it is closed in winter and opens 1st March onwards.

3. Sandy mouth beach

Sandy Mouth Beach
Sandy Mouth Beach – Source

Just driving 19 miles away from the Camelford, Sandy mouth beach is located. This beach is very clean and large with a lot of pebbles inside the water. The beach consists of surfing lessons and Kayaking. At this beach there are so many shops for visitors can get food, snacks and cafe.

4.Strangles Beach

Strangles beach
Strangles beach – Source

Strangles beach was located in Crackington Haven of south in north Cornwall that is 21 miles far from Wadebridge. The beach is large and sandy all sides, The beach is always silent even in summer since people need to climb up and climb down to spend at the Beach. There is also another beach when you climb over the rocks called little strand.

5. Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach
Perranporth Beach – Source

Perranporth beach is most popular town in north Cornwall with a beautiful sandy beach on seaside. The beach is located around one, two, etc.”>8 miles far from the Newquay Cornwall. The beach joins with Perran sands to become a long sandy beach. The beach is attracted for surfing as it is one of the best thing for every visitor. Kite surfing is the best destination for this beach. Golf club is also there to play Golf, which is just in north of Perranporth village, Moreover the beach has coffees toilets and car parking facilities.

6. Porth beach

Porth Beach
Porth Beach – Source

This Porth beach is also sandy nearer to Newquay on the outskirts. The beach is good for family vacation as it had sand beach which looks golden beach. Sports are the best things to attract visitors at this beach as there surfing lessons are available. Car parking and also parking for disabled people are available at of cost. There are some tea shops, restaurants and hotels around this beach.


Newquay Beach
Newquay Beach – Source

Newquay is a town seaside resort and fishing port of civil parish in north Cornwall. The town is surrounded by River Gannel and to the Prorth valley. Newquay is expanding every day from the day found. The beach covers with many facilities like food, hotels and parking area for visitors.

8.Duckpool Beach

Duckpool Beach
Duckpool Beach – Source

Duckpool beach is just like the name is invented, but the beach shows sandy in some areas as it is looking good and most of the area was covered with pebbles, stones. There is a limited space for parking at this beach.

9.Daymer Bay Beach

Daymer Bay Beach
Daymer Bay Beach – Source

Daymer bay is located in the east side of river canal. The bay is bound by south of Brey Hill and north by Trebetherick. The beach is well known and popular for kite plus wind surfing. There are wind surfing lessons and schools are too available.

10.Watergate Bay Beach

Watergate Bay Beach
Watergate Bay Beach

Watergate bay beach nearer to Newquay beach and Tregurrian village in north Cornwall. The beach is very sandy in north western location. There are some beach houses where visitors can spend their night, and it has some more facilities like hotels cafe shops.