Top 10 beaches in kent

In England beaches are more attracted towards crowded public. Every city has some good beaches, and Kent is one of the top best city in united kingdom having good beaches.

Here are some of the top 10 beaches in Kent, England where we can enjoy in summer or in hot days, most of the year these beaches having more visitors in all of the seasons.

1.Dungeness Beach

Dungeness is located on the shore of London, Britain, established mostly of a shingles seaside by means of a Cuspate Foreland. The beach is perfect for children, family for exploring and hiking rather than diving. This is the second largest shingle beach in the world formation and it is worth a visit. There are no pubs or toilets at the beach, but you can have it just by driving 5 minutes towards the railway station.

Dungeness Beach
Dungeness Beach – Source

2. Dymchurch Beach

Dymchurch beach is located from the west of Dungeness beach few miles far away. The beach is perfect for sunbathing and cooling off in the summer seasons. The beach covers with excellent sand for taking a rest. The beach has many facilities like cafe, restaurants, shops and first aid too. We can reach even by public transport in bus.

Dymchurch Beach
Dymchurch Beach – Source

3. Whitstable Beach

Enjoy swimming or sitting on this beach as it is more lovely and beautiful in the sunset. One can reach to this beach by railway transport as it is located just a mile from Whitstable Railway station. There is also pub to enjoy at the beach. There are even Beach Huts, restaurants around this beach and it is easy to spend night here.

Whitstable Beach Huts
Whitstable Beach Huts – Source

4. Deal Beach

This shingles beach was believed as Julius Cesar by researchers. The seaside is enclosed by regional bars, bars, bathrooms, but not much with dining places or other things. Most of the people loves and said that it was the best seashore in Kent London. There are some pubs and amazing Restaurants have fun with them.

Deal Beach
Deal Beach – Source

5. Botany bay Beach

Botany bay is one of the Broadstairs seaside where children and impaired individuals love too, This botany bay provides excellent surfing and sea kayaking. It is calmer and more secluded where we presume like we are out of the planet.

Botany Bay Beach
Botany Bay Beach – Source

6.Joss Bay Beach

Joss bay beach is sandy type and it is 300m long approximately. The beach is very attracted to surf learning people as it had most passionate things like surfing boats, surp lessons, kayaking and much more. Children’s above the age 8 can start to learn lessons and drive into the sea.

Joss Bay Beach
Joss Bay Beach – Source

7.Herne Bay Beach

This beach is more attractive to spend all the day which is more perfect for day comers. Vehicle parking at the beach is also free, This is a great place for walking people people pets and cycling. The beach covers with a lot of things pubs, beach hut’s, cafes, fish and chip shops.  entertainment can be offered in summer as it is more exciting at the beach.

Herne Bay Beach Huts
Herne Bay Beach Huts – Source

8. Folkestone
Folkestone beach is a sand and shingles seaside to the eastern of Folkestone harbour. It can be easily reached by taking a traditional lift or hiking down at footpath. The beach is most attractive for swimming and surfing. The area is covered with many shops cafe, restaurants and beach hut’s.

Folkstone Beach
Folkstone Beach – Source

9. Dover Harbour Beach

Dover Harbour Beach is shingle and it is more ethical place for windsurfing, boating and swimming. The beach includes paid parking for automobiles over 300 cars can park and covered with pubs cafe shops. There are even more features water sports, hotels and beach hut.

Dover Harbour Beach
Dover Harbour Beach – Source

10. Margate beach

The beach is sandy with 200metres long approximately with Broadwalks. The beach is attracted towards sportsmen because of mini golf, bowling green and a slipway. It is very big resort bay just a couple of minutes travel from Margate railway station. The beach is cleaned regularly and water is always fresh to enjoy the sun-heat.

Margate Beach
Margate Beach – Source