Netley Abbey Beach

Netley Beach is hidden in Hampshire country park where a large number cruise ships passes. The beach is not suitable for swimming because the cruise ships passing and leaving the docks. Netley had an fantastic views for taking photos while cruise ships are passing.

Southampton water is clean and it has so many stunning views in around the beach so your selfies will be more brighter with scenaries. There are even becnches to rest down for free to view and watch anything for a long time.

Netley Abbey Beach
Netley Abbey Beach

Dogs Allowed :  Dogs are banned all the year since it is suitable for viewing cuise ships.

Activities :  Viewing Cruise Ships and selfies, Kite flying, walking

Facilities : Toilets, Cafe/restaurant, children’s Park, Children’s play area

Beach Tide Times :

Awards :  Marine Conservation Society Recommended

Water Quality :  Excellent

Beach Cafe : Yes

Nearest Town : Southampton

County: Hampshire

Post code : TM 4734 5954

Life Guard : No

Nature and Wildlife :  

Public Transport :  

Nearest Railway Station :

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