Birdwatching in North Norfolk

In England, Bird watching is the fascinating thing for travelers those who travel from any country or destination. Wild life is another source for visitors to view animals, but amongst all these birds, nature life is important that we never forget them, also I should recommend travelers to take photos that shall memorize their moments with those great birds.

1. Kelling Heath

Kelling Heath Park
Kelling Heath Park – Source

Kelling Heath is located near the North Norfolk Railway station and this area is used by most hikers. Kelling Heath is one of the best park for tourists on holidays as it covered an area of 250 acres of land. Kelling Heath lodge prices always starts from £250 Kelling is not good for camping or caravan that compare for prices.
At this Park, Squirrel breeding programme rare Silver-studded Blue butterfly, nightjars and the cycling too offered.

Whitethroat – Source
Chiffchaff – Source
Fly SP Kelling Heath
Fly SP Kelling Heath – Source
Gorse Shieldbug
Gorse Shieldbug – Source

2.  Hunstanton

Lover Birds at Hunstanton
Lover Birds at Hunstanton – Source

At Hunstanton you will discover more about Searles seals in the sea while crossing towards the Wash. The charges for entry is around £ 9 for adults and £4.50 for children. Wash is the largest in the world and UK for common Seals. There are actually more than 3000 searles seals in the Wash.

Redshank at Hunstanton
Redshank at Hunstanton – Source
Seagul – Source

3.  Norfolk Broads

Bird Watching is huge in Norfolk Broads. You will discover numerous birds in Norfolk Broads and some of them are as follows that are greatly viewed by almost every traveler.  House Sparrow, Redwing, Chaffinch, Yellowhammer, Greenfinch, and Goldfinch these are common birds that are available at the Norfolk Broads.

Norfolk Broads
Norfolk Broads – Source

Tufted Ducks and Woodpecker are the two that we get excited by seeing them as they were busy all the time in flying and doing their homework. Explore the whole area by hiring boats at Norfolk for an £20 per hour, you will see plenty of wild life in sea during boat travel.

Norfolk Broads
Norfolk Broads – Source

4.  Norfolk Coast

North Norfolk Coast Path
North Norfolk Coast Path – Source

North Norfolk Coast is famous for Bird watching and thousands of travelers, visitors will come to this coast for watching birds through the telescope.  Norfolk Coast had plenty of birds, Pensthorpe, cley, marshes, ducks, Ringed Plover, Charadrius Hiaticula, herons and bitterns, herb36. Norfolk is quiet friendly for birds, therefore we see numerous birds in colors that give us enjoyment.

North Norfolk Coast Path
North Norfolk Coast Path – Source

5.Wroxham Broad

Wroxham Broad is located near the Wroxham village on the river Bure. This Wroxham Broad covers area of 34.4 hectares of land.

Egyptian duck
Egyptian duck – Source


Wroxham Broad White Duck
Wroxham Broad White Duck – Source

There is a Wroxham Barns Junior Farm, in this farm you can view horses, rabbits and lambs. What we can do mean, feed the lambs with bottle and collect the eggs from the Henhouse. This junior farm will be closed in winter due to cold and duskHe arrived in time, however no one was there. However  it is opened on weekdays of January and remaining seasons will be from morning 10 AM to 5 PM.

Boat Trip from Wroxham Broad
Boat Trip from Wroxham Broad – source

The cos entry for each person is £5.75 including children, but under the age below 2 is free.

Wroxham Broad Ducks and Boats
Wroxham Broad Ducks and Boats – Source