Wroxham Broad

Wroxham Broad is famous for bird watching, yachts, fishing, children park , etc. This broad is situated on the river bank of Bure and near the village of Wroxham. Travelers who visit north Norfolk should visit this Wroxham Broad too, as it is a lovely place for everyone, including for children’s.

Wroxham Birds

Wroxham Broad White Duck
Wroxham Broad White Duck – Source

This is a White duck at the Wroxham Broad and below is Egyptian Duck. These ducks are famous at Wroxham broad for viewing by visitors. Pigeons, swans colorful ducks along with Birds that shall be exciting for the visitors.

Egyptian duck
Egyptian duck – Source
Wroxham Broad Duck
Wroxham Broad Duck – Source
Wroxham Broad Swans
Wroxham Broad Swans – Source

Wroxham Trains

Bure Railway Engine
Bure Railway Engine – Source
Wroxham Broad' at Dalegarth
Wroxham Broad’ at Dalegarth – Source

Mini Trains with great model, structure, design are only in Wroxham Broad. These trains passes through Wroxham village and nearby homes. Traveling in these mini trains give pleasure and enjoyment for anyone as they move quite slowly compare to the normal trains. These Trains had only single railway rack for reaching some destinations, whatever check the train timings of journey.

Eskdale Railway
Eskdale Railway – Source

The above train was parking at the Eskdale Railway Station, and below is pulling passengers with Double Header because of Heavy load.

Double Header Bure Valley Railway.
Double Header Bure Valley Railway – Source

The trains below are passing through Beckfoot and Irton Road.

Passing Beckfoot
Passing Beckfoot – Source
Irton Road
Irton Road – Source
Wroxham Broad' at Dalegarth
Wroxham Broad’ at Dalegarth – Source

At Dalegarh these mini Trains get washed, cleaned by the railway employees.


Wroxham Broad, Fishing
Wroxham Broad, Fishing – Source

At this broad people often spend their time on fishing for excitement. There is plenty of fish in this wroxham Broad to catch.

Wroxham Broad Fishing
Wroxham Broad Fishing – Source

Wroxham Bridge

Wroxham Bridge
Wroxham Bridge – Source
Wroxham Bridge
Wroxham Bridge – Source
Wroxham Bridge
Wroxham Bridge – Source

A lot of people likes to view boats, yachts, ducks from this Wroxham Bridge


             Roys – Source

Roys is famous for children’s shopping, playground. It includes do It yourself for kids, Roys Cafe, Food Hall, Roys Toys, Garden Centre and Department Store. Roys Children world is enough for childrens to play or buy anything in north Norfolk as they have everything that children’s required.

Roys Childrens World
Roys Childrens World – Source

Opening Timings for this Roys Children world is from 9 AM to %.30 PM on Monday and Tuesday and Sunday 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

Roys, Hoveton - childrens ride
Roys, Hoveton – childrens ride – Source

Roxy Hoyeton children playground for riding horses, cars, scooters and mini trains for excitement. Every kid will love this small vehicles to ride them.

Roys of Wroxham Food Hall
Roys of Wroxham Food Hall – Source

Wroxham Boat Riding

Wroxham Boat Riding
Wroxham Boat Riding – Source
Racing Yachts at Wroxham Broad
Racing Yachts at Wroxham Broad – Source

Boats and yachts riding are done with exciting by visitors those who visit here. Yachts racing is another funny thing for travelers as it makes for everyone to laugh and play.

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