North Norfolk Museums

Norfolk has numerous attractions, things to do better than those beaches for summer vacation. Norfolk can be enjoyed throughout the year with several ways, numerous thing’s at Museums, Shopping Malls, wild life, bird watching, Entertainment, Arts and Galleries, Water-based attractions. Parks.

Coming to the First point for North Norfolk is Museums, where every family loves to watch and enjoy it, North Norfolk had some Museums that are quite excited by most travelers as the rest goes for wild life and entertainment.

North Norfolk Museums

1. DavenPort’s Magic Kingdom

Davenport’s Magic Kingdom is located in the North Walsham of Cromer Road, Norfolk and this Magic Kingdom was running more than 100 years of their family. This Magic Museum brings greatest place in the world for British Country as it was continued by their family members. At this museum you will discover more things that we are able to do with a 30 minutes of magic show. Booking can be done online to reserve our seat because of too much busy and avoid next show.

Davenport's Magic Kingdom
Davenport’s Magic Kingdom – Source

If you want to book your ticket or want to know anything about events, Oliver is a very good person to answer your query and his team always welcomes to you with pleasing facility, if not then post in our comment box as I know him from long back.

2. Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall is located in the Wells Next Sea of Norfolk as this museum is opened on three days in a week, Sunday, Monday, Thursday and timings is 12 00- 4.00 PM. The main attractions for this Museum is Historical Items, Wildlife watching, Cafe and entertainment too.

Holkham Hall
Holkham Hall – Source

There are Deers that roam in front of this Holkham Hall. and we will discover numerous exhibit things to watch and view for any age visitors, either children.

Holkham town had Holkham Beach too that can be enjoyed with our pets. At this beach car parking, beach huts service is too available.

3. The Royal Air Force Air Defence Radar Museum

The Radar Museum was started from the world war 2, but during those days it was not built and has just made into Airforce land, but today it was built into a great Museum in Norfolk for UK. You should discover plenty of things in this Radar Museum as it consists of 18 rooms that makes us to busy. In this Raf we shall find cold war room, radar scanner, warplanes. Dog Parking, car parking, picnic area, and there exists cafe shop to have a tea.

People think the museum is small, but it is too big to view with more facilities includes  First aid, Research and conference, photography is too allowed for anyone to take photos. It is a good museum to view photos and rooms from the year of 1942 as the staff preserved them with neatly up-to-date.

Opening hours of the Museum

Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and bank Holidays too because of public visits on holidays and this museum runs from April to October and the timings is 10.00 to 17.00 Hrs and the last entrance for anyone should be at 15.00 hrs.

Radar Museum
Radar Museum – Source

The Price for entry is

Adult £7.00

Teens £5.00

School Visits £2.50

Those who are underage 7 is almost free, and the rates are posted from their website. Prices may differ at any time and we are not responsible for any price comparison with our site.