Top 10 Museums in Oxford

Oxford contains most attractions for visitors to see museums, universities, churches and much more. Oxford does not stand for beaches, but for museums is a perfect city with great attractions of archeology, here are some of top 10 museums, which are rated by tourists.

1.University Museum of Natural History

University Museum of Natural History
University Museum of Natural History – Source

Oxford university museum also known as natural history of Oxford University, which contains great natural history of Oxford’s university specimen, lecture theatre is using by chemistry zoology. The museum is very interesting and free to view items, dinosaurs is another way to learn from this museum. Please be sure that parking is not available for visitors, and it is only for staff and university people.

2. Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum
Ashmolean Museum – Source

This is the second rated museum for Oxford County and it deserves our life to revisit again and again. The museum is free to enter and opens from morning 10 A.M to 6 P.M. The museum was established in the year of 1677 donated by Ashmolean collections, so the name of Museum was gone with his name in order to remember him. The museum is great place to study of previous arts, archeology and much more. One can able to go near to these arts and view them clearly. I suggest to you if you are reading about this museum then please check out it.

3. Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum
Pitt Rivers Museum – Source

This is one of the most famous Museum in England for Oxford county. The museum contains great attractions of previous items, which are been used in olden days. These items are collected from the world’s people culture of olden days. It is a great pleasured museum to discover new things in life. The museum also provides wheel chairs and lift for the older peoples, thus one can be happy with this museum.

4. Museum of the History of Science

Museum of the History of Science
Museum of the History of Science – Source

The museum of history of science was established in 1683 and situated in the Broad Street Oxford. The museum contains a lot of older science equipments, which are been used in 19th century and some of them are from 17th century A.D. The museum contains around 18000 objects and still this is one oldest museum in Oxford, which is survived until today. Visiting this museum you will be going to watch unexpected things, objects, fascinating collection and much more.

5.  Abingdon County Hall Museum

Abingdon County Hall Museum
Abingdon County Hall Museum – Source

This is a local museum, which is located in the Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. This museum is too oldest just as history of science museum, but not contains more value things. The museum is very little, but the structure was built beautiful. The museum is very impressive while walking over the first staircase to watch the gallery.

6. Modern Art Oxford

Modern Art Oxford
Modern Art Oxford – Source

This is a modern museum where it operates just like an exhibition, but it gives more satisfaction than those art museums. A collection of variety shops, cafes, bars, food and much more will be available at this museum. Entry is almost free for everyone, please check the timetable of this museum in order to view or utilize the museum. Bar is available only in summer season.

7. Oxford Bus Museum

Oxford Bus Museum
Oxford Bus Museum – Source

Oxford Bus museum was located in the long Hanborough, Britain. The name is enough for this museum as it contains of most olden buses and modern buses that are been used and using. Vehicles contain from the season of 1949, which are kept at fine shape, and the museum is formed in 1989.

8. Museum of Oxford

Museum of oxford is one of the history museum in Great Britain, The museum contains history of original artifacts, treasures from the oxford universities. The museum was opened in 1975.

9. Swinford Museum

Swinford is a little art gallery which doesn’t get much guests and it is start only on some times of several weeks, the art gallery contains some ancient record. The art gallery provides mainly for farming resources and photography selections of the past and present.

10. Pendon Museum

Pendon Museum
Pendon Museum – Source

Pendon Art gallery is located in the Long Wittenham and shows a wide range of scenarios and train moments of ancient societies. It is a good museum to perspective and comprehends the ancient moments.