5 tips for planning a Royal Holiday family vacation to Canada

Maybe you’ve spent too many years at the beach, or you’re more into winter sports, but whatever the case, you’re sure to find an abundance of amazing activities, beautiful scenery, and restorative comfort when you book a Royal Holiday vacation to Club Geo Premiere at Auberge du Lac Morency in Canada. This vacation spot is nestled in the Laurentian mountains and offers apartment-style lodgings with modern conveniences for your ideal getaway. If the idea of peaceful forests, lakefront views, and nearby historic city life intrigues you, look no further than this quaint, secluded resort near Montreal. Ready to pack your bags? Before you get started, read our five tips for planning your memorable family vacation to Club Geo Premiere:


  1. Decide whether you want to enjoy the area’s summer or winter offerings. There’s plenty to do year-round, but are you interested in skiing and snowmobiliing or horseback riding and canoeing? Do you want to experience a winter wonderland or a green and mountainous paradise? Think about which seasonal activities most interest you and pick a date!


  1. Call ahead to book your vehicle rentals, tee times, etc. before you leave for Canada. Especially if you’re visiting during a prime week, make sure that you’ll definitely get the opportunity to enjoy that fishing trip, horseback riding session, ATV expedition, or golf course while you’re there.


  1. Bring layers. This might seem obvious to keep warm during Montreal’s snowy winters, but even on summer mornings when you’re on your deck appreciating the view, the climate varies so that you might be chilly. The same goes for when you’re boating on gorgeous Lake Morency!


  1. Decide which attractions around Saint Hippolyte you most want to see. Both in Saint Hippolyte and nearby Saint Sauveur, there are a multitude of European-style shops and cafés that are a joy to browse. Winter travelers can experience a Santa Claus Village, and in summer, get to the Saint Sauveur Water Park. Your group can always take a day-trip into Montreal, where there are museums, botanical gardens, and more.


  1. Build in some time just to relax. Club Geo Premiere has a number of opportunities just to chill built right into the premises, such as a sauna, grills for barbequeing, a fireplace in each unit, and a pool. As parents, make sure you plan a date night — you’ll definitely want to take advantage of our babysitting service to have a romantic dinner at on-site restaurant La Chaumiere or perhaps out at an equally charming restaurant nearby.

No matter which season you choose and what you decide to take in, rustic Canada will be a well-worth-it vacation that will give you both the excitement and down time that you deserve. Get a solid (but somewhat flexible!) plan together and get ready to head off on your adventure. One thing is for sure: Royal Holiday’s Club Geo Premiere will provide a tranquil, inviting, and comfortable home base. To learn more about this or other Royal Holiday luxury locations, visit royal-holiday.com or https://royalholidaydream.com/en/mx/dream/content/resort-guide to find your perfect summer vacation.