Tips on Travelling with Dogs

Dogs are wonderful companions – not for nothing are they known as Man’s Best Friend –  and you can be sure that, wherever you are going, your loyal and loving dog will want to go too! Whether you are heading off on holiday or simply going out for a day, you might want to consider ways to take your dog with you. Those that are used to human company can, after all, become agitated when left alone, and every dog owner knows the damage a naughty, frustrated dog can cause to their precious furniture!

Walking with Dogs
Walking with Dogs – Source

However, you want to travel, taking your dog with you is always a possibility, but there are some tips you need to consider so you can both travel safely, and this applies for both private and public transport. For example, if your dog is not used to travelling in a car, it can be sensible to introduce him or her to the idea by spending some time in it, and taking short trips to acclimatise the animal. Also, make sure the dog knows their place in the car – a hatchback is a good idea, and with a dog guard to keep them in the back – so that they are keen to get in when needed.

Dog With  Snowshoeing
Dog With Snowshoeing – Source

Dogs on Public Transport

Taking your dog on public transport is also an option, and you must be prepared to consider the other members of the public who will also be using the train or even bus that you choose to travel on. There are guidelines, for example, to taking dogs on trains: they must be on a lead at all times and not endanger or be a nuisance to other passengers, or can be in a cage or carrying basket. Bear in mind that in the UK dogs travel free, so you get great value for money.

Dog in Ship
Dog in Ship – Source

Taking a dog on a bus may not be so straightforward, as some bus companies leave the decision as to allow your dog on board with the driver. Assistance dogs are, of course, permitted. Some bus companies allow only two dogs maximum on board at any time, so please remember to accept the driver’s decision and, should you have more than one dog, ask kindly before boarding. You will find that, in general, bus drivers are happy to have dogs on board, but make sure you keep your animal under control.

Dog in Bus Sitting on lap
Dog in Bus Sitting on lap – Source

Enjoy Your Travels

Being able to take your dog on the bus, train or in the car opens up a wealth of places you can go. There may be excellent, unexplored parks close to you, or perhaps you can take a train to the coast and visit a beach. The convenience of being able to get from one place to another easily is not to be overlooked, and you will enjoy your dog even more.

Dogs in Boat
Dogs in Boat – Source

For more information on dogs and travelling check out, and you will see just how much fun it can be to take your dog with you wherever you go.