Where to drink craft beer in London

London, the place with admits beauty is so relaxing that people tend to come here to spend their honeymoon, holiday vacation, etc. But one thing that London doesn’t lack is beers and bars! Eventually, even after the renaissance craft beer did not hop into darkness in fact it is more and more loved by the people because of its handcrafted taste.

There is no shortage of pubs in London from chilling breezery to stylish bars; the city offers great punching holes for every drink lover! Quench your thirst with this guide to London’s craft beer scene and plot a self-guided pub crawl to taste the best brews in town. We know what your taste buds are and we understand the need of colliding some good brewery companies.

Craft Beer
Craft Beer

Craft beer is generally British beer which is made in small Breweries and are hard to find, but London is a place where you can get ample opportunities to sit and have a glass of craft beer happily. Sharing a beer with another solo traveller in London is a good idea because it is one of the awesome places to travel solo in the world.  London certainly never goes out of bars, eventually even after the renaissance the craft beer did not have any effect and

Was still continued to offer some liquid heaven to its people. There are some of the major classy drinks which can actually add cheese cake to your life.

  1. Red church Brewery

Originated from Shoreditch, this is the brewery which gets its name from! Get ready to dance there sipping your favourite drink and if you feel thirsty then there are food corners for you. The best thing about red church brewery is that they produce bottles which are the reflection of local life and times.

Craft Beer Bar
Craft Beer Bar
  1. Weird Beard Brew Co

If you want to taste heaven then this is something for you. Their aim is to produce beer which actually can taste heaven as they are hand-crafted.

  1. Beavertown Brewery

These beers offer in both bottles and cans with some rad designs! The best thing to know about this brewery is that it is produced by the son of Robert Plant who actually took his graduation from home brewing to create Beaverton brewery.

  1. Canopy Beer Co

This brewery produces stuff that reflects local areas, situated underneath a railway station has much to do with the consignment. There is a tap-room from which you can get the bottles or cans and nearby there are some stalls which offer finger licking food.

  1. Camden Town Brewery

If you want to witness the process of how the best beer is made then book a tour to Camden town brewery. You will love it! The booking option is quite flexible and reasonable too. You never know you may get a chance to taste the beer from the tank itself!

  1. Meantime Brewing Company

Set in 2000, meantime brewing company is a well-regarded pioneer in the craft products! They produce graded products which can be found on the sleeves of various bars in London. They are located in Greenwich; you can also take a tour to the place and taste some goodness of beer.

  1. London Fields Brewery

Open in 2011, London field brewery is the first commercial brewery to open in Hackney. One can also come here and take a tour of the company and witness how beer is being made and stop at the tap-room with friends to make their taste buds happy.

  1. Crate Brewery

A company which have their own beer and own pizza, located just right by the canal food street art all around. This is the one of the greatest place to come over on any sunny day! Their beer does taste good.

London Craft Beer
London Craft Beer

How do we choose these pubs?

To be very precise, there was a survey held in which every bar in London was included. As every pub has to serve different beers they also have to treat the beer well! Nevertheless, they just can not disrespect a beer and every brewery originates with true sense to reach the level of taste buds.

Are you still drowning in choice to where to drink this evening? Help is at hand from the above pointers! Now you can discover the best craft beer pubs in London in one go.

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