Top 5 zoo's in UK

Zoo’s are the exciting thing for family trips, where we all enjoy for laugh and fun.

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Kids always loves to see those animals and wants to fun with them. These are my top favorite 5 zoos in UK.

1. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo
Edinburgh Zoo – Source

Edinburgh is the most exciting zoo with wild life attraction in the Scottish Country. The zoo had a capacity of more than 1000 animals. It is a non profit zoological park in Edinburgh Scotland. Edinburgh zoo was World’s first and also to breed penguins. This is the only zoo to house koalas and giant pandas in Britain, United Kingdom.

2. London Zoo

London Zoo
London Zoo – Source

London zoo is located in the regents park of London England. It is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and it is also called as Regent’s Zoo. It has above 800 animals in 36 acres of land. The zoo was opened in 1828 and in 1847 it was opened for public. It is maintained by the Zoological society of London. It is possible to view the animals with a closer view.

3. Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo
Banham Zoo – Source

Banham zoo is located in the Norfolk of England with a 35 acres of land covered for animals. The zoo has above 1000 animals and it has been over 30 years. Wildlife is the exciting for children’s and adults in this Banham Zoo. This is also called as British Federation Zoo. Everyone should visit this Zoo with family because of great wild life animals.

4. Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park
Drusillas Park – Source

Drusillas Park is located in the Alfriston East Sussex of England. This is a mini zoo that has a home for wild life and domestic animals too. Huge attractions for visitors because of increase in number of animals. The zoo has a large variety of animals including Brown Caphin monkeys, crested black macaques, Colobus monkeys.
5. Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo
Newquay Zoo – Source

Newquay zoo is located in the Newquay of united kingdom. The zoo is small that has 13 acres of land and has above 130 animals, but other zoo having more animals such as homboldt penguins, fossa, marmosets, tamarins, Sulawesi crested macaques. Every family should excite by viewing and watching this zoo animals. Wild animals are the exciting part of this zoo and lions, tigers too.