Top 5 Quirky Museums in British

British is well known country of national museums in the world, apart from this there are more unused museum that are called as quirky museums. From among of that all these are my top favorite 5 museums.

1. Grant Museum of Zoology

Skeletons are decorated in Grant museum of Zoology over 67,000 specimens covering the whole house of animal kingdom. University Zoological museum in London means the Grant Museum of Zoology.

Grant Museum of Zoology
Grant Museum of Zoology – Source

As a teaching collection of mounted animals, skeletons and specimens are preserved in fluid.

For viewing tiny things the museum contains over 2000 microscopes installed for the exhibition. Many of the species are from Dodo, Tasmanian Tiger, Quagga.

2. Dog Collar Museum

Dog Collar Museum
Dog Collar Museum – Source

The unused museum contains a collection of over 100 Dog collars from the past 500 years. The museum is closed from long ago, but it is now reopened in the summer of June 2013. The collection starts from vintage hunting hounds of the dowg work to modern hound haute. The staff won’t allow dogs into the museum.

3. British Lawn Mower Museum

British Lawn Mower Museum
British Lawn Mower Museum – Source

British Lawn mower museum is located in Southport of Merseyside north of England. The museum is good for visiting gardeners that has Mutli award winning Museum. The Museum consists of over 250 machines that are restored from the famous princes of Diana and prince of Charles. In these days every company making lawn mowers on robot system, but look and evaluate to these old lawnmowers from this museum. If you are an enthusiastic of robots, lawn mower then you must visit it. Remember the museum had an admission £2 fee for entering into the museum.

4. London Sewing Machine Museum

London Sewing Machine Museum
London Sewing Machine Museum – Source

The Museum offers some of exciting things as cloth cutting machine that was made in the year of 1906, and the museum also charts the history of London museum from the year of 1850 1950 that means total of 100 years. You shall discover over 600 machines in total of this museum and the entry into the museum is almost free.

The main attractions of this museum are Singer sewing machine, patent machine from America and a unique machine that was made and owned by eldest Daughter of Queen Victoria’s.

5. Magic Circle Museum

Magic Museum
Magic Museum – Source

The magic circle is founded in 1905 from promoting the magicians and the art of magic. The magic circle museum is located in the headquarters of the magic circle. The museum contributes of magic tricks, tips, photographs, programs and relevant to the history of magicians.