Popular water parks in London for kids

In London not only we discover Museums, hotels Parks, but also Popular Water Parks for children. There are few water parks that are visited by most people from all over the world. These water parks are excellent to enjoy for families as pools were built with clean and great structures.

Once you Travels to London don’t forget to this pool to be visited by you and your family. These Parks are situated in the middle of the city London closely each to another.

Oasis Swimming pool:

The pool is located at 32 Endell Street, London WC2H 9AG contains indoor and outdoor pools that are opened throughout the year. The outdoor pool is slightly higher than inner pool, but these are neatly with fresh water. The pool covers with a Gym, Sauna, Cafeteria, Squash courts. On behalf of the London Borough of Camden. It is operated by the Greenwhich Leisure Limited.

Oasis Swimming pool
Oasis Swimming pool

Gll has made a partnership for 25 years to operate with Oasis Leisure Centre Mark Sesnan, md of GLL has agreed to operate of Oasis. The oasis has a major plan of $90 million development of North Star Area and Oasis.

Leyton Leisure Lagoon

Leyton Leisure Lagoon is located at the 763 High Road Leyton United Kingdom. This Lagoon offers water park, gym, Swimfit, health suite, group exercises much more exciting things that we can enjoy. Water Park is the preferred for the children and elders too. Swimming lessons can be offered at this water park. Anyone can take part in this Leyton Leisure Lagoon as it is suitable for all including experienced swimmers, as it had a 25m leisure pool called a new teaching pool, fun pack, aqua play for below aged 8 years. Paths are usually marked out in the share, for individuals who swim at different steps.

Leyton Leisure Lagoon
Leyton Leisure Lagoon

Swim Fit

These types of swimming sessions are suitable for the people aged greater than 16 because trainees offer several swim lessons for improving fitness and well-being.. If you want to learn swimming either you are starter also choose this package. Safety rules applied to all the swimmers, and from reception floats are available.

Swimming for all

This area is suitable for anyone those who are like to swim and have fun with all. Anyone can swim without ques.

The water front leisure centre is located just a few metres away from Woolwich rail station of arsenal and Woolwich DLR Station. This leisure centre is covered the area where road bus, train bus are linked from Greenwich.

The pool has a subscription fees per month, if you want to be a regular swimmer, then choose your package as the pool offers a lot of packages that can be enjoyed by anyone.