British National Overseas passport Renewal

Important Things To Know About BNO Renewal Application

You might not have known this before, but over 3.4 million Hong Kong citizens are seriously affected on the BNO renewal question. In fact, there are still many citizens who fear that they there is hardly a way to renew their passport once it gets expired. What most passport holders fail to understand that logically, there is nothing called an expired citizenship. That being said,

Hong Kong citizens can renew their passports even after it has expired. However, it might not come for free.

British Passport
British Passport

Renewing Your BNO

As a BNO passport holder, you can enjoy a visa-free access to as many as 100 nations!  Perhaps, this is a reason why almost 200,000 citizens of Hong Kong has already gone for bno renewal applicationOf course, renewing the passport can be a bit expensive. But after this one-time payment, you enjoy its benefits for another 10 years! You might need to pay about $970 for a 32-page BNO. The costing is more or less same as that of the British passport. Again, you can apply for a bigger, 42-page passport for about $1,150. So far your children are concerned; you can receive their 32-page passport for $630. As the British consulate puts it, these passports would run on the basis of complete cost-recovery. If you think differently, then you will see that you need to pay just $97 on yearly basis.

Important Documents for Application

You might want to resort to a professional agency who would take the responsibility of renewing your BNO on your behalf. Thus, they help you to get rid of the unwanted hassles that might crop up in the process. You would need the very basic documents to file an application. To begin with, submit two copies of your identical photos. Ensure that you took the photograph in the last 30n days. Also, you would need to submit your original BNO passport. Remember that the authorities do not accept photocopies of the passport. If it is already stolen or lost, inform your agency beforehand. Next, submit a colored photocopy of your HKPIC (Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card). Photocopy both sides of the document. Again, if you hold dual citizenship, then submit a colored photocopy of your SAR (Non-British) passport, as well. Last, but not the least, you need to produce at least one document that evidences your name and permanent address.

Documents as Evidences of Name and Address

The administration allows for various documents to serve as your name and address proof. You can produce a colored copy of your resident permit or visa.  You can also submit your tax records. Ideally, get a letter from the tax authority. For bno renewal application, you can submit your school reports or similar educational records, as well. Also, you can show your employment letter, such as a certification from your company, or just about any letter that the government department has sent you. The administration also accepts naming/baptismal certificate, voter card, present medical/ health card or a letter from the bank or the society where you live.

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