4 Sky-High Liverpool Itineraries to Take Your Top Travel Snapshots

Liverpool City has always been a well-known place, not only in the United Kingdom but also around the globe. Being a very important city way back the Industrial Revolution, it is located on the Eastern borders of the Mersey Estuary. Talking about its geography, definitely, Liverpool has been a significant land. It has peerless transportation links and strategies that prove its distinction even more.

Source - Needpix
Source – Needpix

Part of its importance, arts and culture are some of the other main aspects wherein Liverpool has always been famous for. The city is absolutely a reflection of its love for these treasures of them which have been present and preserved since the early time and also those which have just sprung up in the modern era. 

Combining its notable location and its admirable art forms, Liverpool is definitely one of the places in the world wherein your eyes will be fed and made full of views, scenery and sights that will astonish you! Unfortunately, you cannot bring them home with you or take some materials from any of these unless they are souvenirs, but do not worry because cameras and photographs always do the job!

Visiting Liverpool, you cannot miss any chance to take your pictures! And as location and art are being talked about here, below is a thorough list of not just mere attractions but the sky-high ones in Liverpool wherein you should take your Instagrammable photos!


Coco Wedding Venues - Goodness Gracious
Coco Wedding Venues – Goodness Gracious

Rooftops are, needless to say, on high grounds, and the first on this list is one of the most fabulous rooftops in Liverpool City. It is definitely a cherished place where you can spend your precious time with your loved ones and significant others because the Goodness Gracious Rooftop is a ravishing gem out of sight from the wide public. It’s hidden, and you can actually see it if you look for it.

The Goodness Gracious is on top of Oh Me Oh My, a prime tea house located in West Africa House. The tea house is surely a budget-friendly eating place and a sensationally attractive space within reach where you can be alone or be with your family, friends and have work-related meetings too. You can also set events in the place as they also cater to special occasions.

Going back to Goodness Gracious, it is a secret roof garden situated on the 8th floor of the West Africa House. Go up there, and you will be surprised and welcomed by the amazing Liverpool views, the waterfront, and most especially, the noteworthy and spectacular Royal Liver Building.

Source - Trip Advisor - Goodness Gracious
Source – Trip Advisor – Goodness Gracious

Sip in tasty snacks and thirst-quenching drinks of your choice. Include them in your awesome Instagram photos, together with the magnificent background of the historic building. Moreover, one of the best features of Goodness Gracious is its outdoor setting since you can definitely enjoy the bright light and fresh winds during the day, and the cool city lights and chilly breeze at night!

Since Goodness Gracious is a roof garden, do not forget that you can have fun taking photos with the pretty flower beds which you can definitely delight in just by looking at them. They sprinkle more life and color to the beauty set before your eyes on top of the building. They can help add more art and style to your pictures that will absolutely be pleasing to the eyes!

The Goodness Gracious is a perfect place for the combinations of eating, unwinding and sightseeing! Enjoy, relax and smile! Get ready to say, “Oh my goodness gracious!” and to have your breath taken away!


Source: Liverpool Echo - Mike Price
Source: Liverpool Echo – Mike Price

If you are up for some challenge, thrill and strolling without actually walking, the Wheel of Liverpool is one of the ideal picks! By its name, you probably have an idea what it is. It is a ferris wheel in Liverpool; actually, it is the tallest one in the city.

The Wheel of Liverpool is composed of 42 secured capsules wherein you will get a 360-degree view of Liverpool. VIP luxury capsules include a champagne fridge among other special aspects. The capsule also has a commentary, thus, you are given excellent information about Liverpool’s colorful history.

Your experience is going to be a very exciting one, and it may give you chills as the ride slowly and completely goes all the way up to the top where you can vastly see Liverpool and beyond. It’s a different and unique kind of experience because your view changes as the ferris wheel revolves. You will see places from low and from high, from the nearest and the farthest possible.

Wikimedia Commons - The Wheel of Liverpool
Wikimedia Commons – The Wheel of Liverpool

You will not simply witness the splendid views, but you will also have fun as you just sit there and get entertained by the moving ride introducing you to Liverpool’s esteemed elegance. Take your Instagram-worthy photos inside, and never forget to include the stunning Liverpool as your background. It’s like you are literally being one with the beauty as your ride hang up there for you to have a longer chance to stare and be mesmerized by the allure that Liverpool carries.

Don’t make it obvious in pictures that you are trembling in fear because of the high heights! Show your best smile even if it’s not easy, especially at first! Make the best out of every second you’re in the Wheel of Liverpool! Every round is worth every pound if you enjoy and appreciate every moment of it! Wherever you turn your head too is, without a doubt, overwhelming in the best way!


Source:Liverpool Echo
Source:Liverpool Echo

Nobody living in Liverpool does not know St. John’s Beacon or locally identified as the Radio City Tower. You can see it from a distance and people can point at it from the same because this tower measures 400 feet in height. Yes, it’s definitely a tall itinerary superb for a viewing like no other! It is one of the tallest buildings in the whole Liverpool City, the second in general ranking, and the first if the antenna is included in the measurement.

St. John’s Beacon is a radio station and observation tower in Liverpool. It was established in 1969. Queen Elizabeth II opened it, and in 1999, it was renovated. In 2000, it was reopened and given the name “Radio City”.

Back in its earlier days, it is where the famous revolving restaurant, Tower Restaurant, was located. The roof was utilized as a platform for guests where they can observe the wonderful Liverpool. 558 stairs are there to go to the top, but thankfully, there are two lifts that can take you to the summit in 30 seconds.

Today, the outdoor viewing deck which had been situated on the restaurant’s roof was made into a second floor which houses the radio station’s offices. On the lower floor that used to be the restaurant are the studios located. With an entrance fee, the public can get in the viewing gallery every day.

Source - Visit Liverpool
Source – Visit Liverpool

The Radio City Tower’s best part ever since is the viewing gallery where you can get immersed in the inexplicable grandeur of the whole city! 360-degree panoramic views will take your heart away!

If you visit the gallery, you can still catch sight of producers at work. It cannot be forgotten that this has been one of the United Kingdom’s chiefest and most flourishing radio stations! It will definitely be a memorable experience that you would always want to look back to if you know the feeling of being 400 feet above the ground, seeing the world from a really tall height!

Get your cameras ready, and make sure their batteries are full! Do not forget to take photos of the whole place and views and your own photos too! The place’s glamour is going to make you speechless, but you will even more be speechless if you go down without taking your snapshots in one of the most iconic places in Liverpool!

The Radio City Tower gives you a matchless golden opportunity to view the awe-inspiring transition of Liverpool’s skyline. This tower is one of the most exemplary landmarks you should not miss!


Source - Wikimedia Commons
Source – Wikimedia Commons

Before, the Radio City Tower is the tallest building–excluding antennas–in Liverpool, but in 2008, it has been dethroned by the West Tower. It is the city’s outstanding and distinctive tower. It may be one of the first things you see, even from afar, when you come to the city. With 459 feet, the West Tower is indeed Liverpool’s tallest building.

It would surely make your knees weak and your legs shake as you land your feet on the famous Panoramic 34. What is it? It is the renowned fine dining restaurant stationed in the 34th floor of the West Tower. You can have 360-degree sights of what’s near and beyond!

Source - Liverpool ONE
Source – Liverpool ONE

Being on top of the busy and crowded streets is doubtlessly a great ease off and escape! There are sumptuous meals, dishes and desserts plus refreshing drinks, cocktails and wines from the top-quality brands and menus! Your heart can delight in the unmatched Liverpool views as you fill your tummies with good food!

You will not have the same experience twice in Panoramic 34. Just imagine how amazing the experience would be as you behold with your own eyes the changing colors, moods and atmospheres in the city. You will get an exceptional experience you would always want to have again! Let every hours’ colors and shadows make your photos and videos even more Instagrammable! Be stunned by the natural beauty the views and the light or darkness from above can give you and your shots!


Liverpool itself is surely Instagrammable, and many more places in it are! Parks, museums, hotels, universities, gardens, restaurants, libraries, galleries, alleys, random streets and even little inns and simple serviced apartments in Liverpool are ideal spots to have your photos taken in them!

Have fun clicking and posing, but on top of everything–both literally and figuratively–make sure that you forget not to live in the moment! It’s important to bring home photographs as your remembrance, but it’s more highly important to bring home memories! There you have them, tall and Instagrammable Liverpool places where you can spend time that’s indisputably memorable!


Nicole Ann Pore
Nicole Ann Pore

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