Zoos in Essex

Essex is excellent place for tourists as it has more attractions, Beaches, Hotels, Museums and Zoos, The listed below Zoos in Essex are excellent for kids in loving to them.

Colchester Zoo

The name of the zoo itself reveals are supposed to be to the Colchester, Britain. Colchester zoo is opened in the year of 1963 and from their onward’s it has a lot of guests in rise. In 2011 Colchester Zoo received 801,643  visits from in and abroad  visitors. This is a home for big cats Primates, birds and many more.

There are many creatures at this Zoo as it is a fascinating place that can be seen either by small train or road. Zoo authorities offer more than 50 views so anyone can have a chance to view all the animals in a day.

You can go closure to the animals for feeding including a chance to feed Giraffes, Elephants.

Elephant at Colchester Zoo
Elephant at Colchester Zoo – Source
Monkey at Colchester Zoo
Monkey at Colchester Zoo – Source
Colchester Zoo
Colchester Zoo – Source

Tropical Wings Zoo

The Zoo is specially designed for family as it is suitable for any age and valued for the money. In this Zoo the main attraction is butterfly house where we can see multiple colors of butterflies
landing on us in the house. If you are visiting this Zoo, please don’t wear coat while entering into the butterfly room as it is too hot with Fresh fragrance from the blossoms as the butterfly likes.


Butterfly Cottage
Butterfly Cottage

There are more things that we can do here watching crazy life creatures is outstanding and it continues to be a sculpture in our minds and hearts. The place is protected with everything park, food, Ice creams, Java, but costly, so please get relaxed with what they have for that cost.

Bird ar Tropical Wing's Zoo
Bird ar Tropical Wing’s Zoo – Source

Make sure to look at different types of untamed birds and seafood here when you check out. The starting time of the Zoo are 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM so come beginning to see everything within the Zoo.

Martello children’s zoo

This zoo is very normal compared to the Tropical Wings zoo, but here we enjoy a lot. The animals are too friendly, but never go in front of wild animals, as the admission fees is £3 per person.

Martello Children's Zoo
Martello Children’s Zoo – Source

The zoo is specially designed for kids and thename itself shows for children’s. It is good for spending an hour or two for enjoyment while we are on tour.

Sheep At Martello Children's Zoo
Sheep At Martello Children’s Zoo – Source

Pets Corner

Pets Corner is a small shop that sells food for pets. This shop was opened in the year of 1968 by Mark and Sandra Richmond. The main area of business of this market offers special pet meals for kitties, pets, wild animals parrots, lizards and cold water fish, Currently the company has 112 shops in and around of England for promoting pet products.


Snakes Alive

Snakes Alive is located in the Barleylands Farm Park and the cost of entry is £65 as this helps for feeding to the animals. There are different types of snakes, Reptiles, Tortoises that helpful to science students for gaining knowledge. Paying some Euros to the office they will allow holding up to 3 animals in your hand. The zoo is excellent for children’s who are under 10 for understanding about these reptiles.

Snakes Alive
Snakes Alive

Zoo 4 You

Zoo 4 You is another interesting Zoo located in Dunmow UK opens from morning 10 AM to 5PM . Here we find numerous animals as we proceed Bullfrog, Reptiles, Snakes, Python, Salamander, Hawk, Meerkat,  Rabbits, Chinchilas, Dumbo Rats, HedgeHog, Owl, Parrot, Chilean Rose, Snake, Python, Royal Python, Contrictor, Hog Noses, Geckopragdpn, Cockroaches.

Zoo 4 You
Zoo 4 You

Most of the people seek the services of Animals during wedding ceremonies, wedding, or events festivities as  the Zoo having much space. It is the convenient place for celebrating anything for a family.

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