Westbrook Bay Beach

Westbrook Bay Beach is excellent for the families as the sand is perfect for children to play. The beach is surrounded with snacks, coffee, good food and Ice-Creams.

The beach is protected under Lifeguard security and there seems plenty of beach huts with plenty of colors. The beach even offers beach chairs for resting and sleeping when we want, moreover anyone would be happier to spend a day at this beach.

Westbrook Bay Beach
Westbrook Bay Beach – Source
Hovercraft on Westbrook
Hovercraft on Westbrook – Source
Westbrook Beach Boats
Westbrook Beach Boats – Source
Westbrook Beach Huts
Westbrook Beach Huts – Source
Westbrook Bay
Westbrook Bay – Source
Westbrook Beach Chairs
Westbrook Beach Chairs – Source
Westbrook Beach
Westbrook Beach – Source

Style of Beach :  

Beach Huts : Yes

Dogs Allowed : Restrictions apply

Activities : Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Sailing, Bowling Golf

Facilities : Toilets, Cafe, Slipway, Promenade, Disability, Toilets

Awards : None

Beach Cafe : Cafe

Nearest Town :

Life Guard : Yes

Public Transport :

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches :

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

Beach Tide Times :

Beach Fishing :

Beach Post code :

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