Water Parks In London

There are more water parks in and around London, but these four water parks are nearest to London according to the distance and they were rated by most visitors, people all over from the world. Kids will never forget playing in the water during summer and you must take your kids at-least once in a lifetime.

Kensington Memorial Park 5.6 miles,  

Wimbledon Sprinkler Park  7.0 miles

Leyton Leisure Lagoon 10 Miles

Danson Splash Park  18.1 Miles

Kensington Memorial Park is just 5.6 miles away from Greater London city. There are two types of parks Kensington Park (Kensington Gardens), Kensington Memorial Park and both of them are different.

Kensington Memorial Park is the excellent place for kids in summer to have fun, as it can be found in Northern Kensington.

In England, August is the summer season with high temperature, so kids can cool their bodies in this water park.

Kensington Memorial Park water play area
Kensington Memorial Park water play area

Opening hours

kensington memorial water park opening hours were 7:30 AM to 9:30 pm during summer, Water play area open May-Sept 11am-6pm.

Monday to Sunday 07:30 – dusk

Kensington Memorial Park
Kensington Memorial Park – Source

Pricing : Free Admission

Phone 020 7602 2226   For booking Sports.

kensington memorial park
kensington memorial park – Source

Some Interesting facts about Kensington Memorial Park :

Excellent place for children’s having fun in summer

Second floor is for elder kids.

There are two water playgrounds in the sand and small slide.

kensington memorial park for children
kensington memorial park for children – Source

Different age groups of kids in swimsuits, diving trunks run around the Water fountains, Sprinklers, Watering Poles, Water Cannons, Whirlpools.

Theirs a lot of place and at the entry a natural place where family members rest and organize a picnic.

kensington memorial park for kids
kensington memorial park for kids – Source

Kensington Memorial Park offers so many activities Tennis, Football, Junior cricket for kids.

The entrance and other areas of playgrounds in the kensington memorial park is absolutely free for everyone.

peacock in kensington memorial park
Peacock in kensington memorial park – Source
Kensington Memorial Park water play
Kensington Memorial Park water play
Kensington Memorial Park water play
Kensington Memorial Park water play

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Wimbledon Sprinkler Park

The sprinkler pool is an entertaining with six swimming private pools for everyone entertainment. The park offers several things such as football pitch, golf legal courts, play areas, golf course.

Wimbledon Sprinkler Park
Wimbledon Sprinkler Park

Wimbledon Sprinkler park is one of the best southern London’s key and it is the best place for moms, children enjoy in summer.

Adress : Wimbledon Park Play Area, Home Park Road, London SW19 8AU

Phone :

Opening time table :

10 June – 3 September 10:00 AM to 5 PM


Daylight access 09:00 – dusk

Fee : Free Admission

Leyton Leisure Lagoon

Leyton Leisure Lagoon had several facilities, gym, swim fit, health suite, Yoga, Aqua Spalsh, group exercises and much more for a day enjoyment. The lagoon is best for all ages, but kids can enjoy most time in summer.

Leyton Leisure Lagoon
Leyton Leisure Lagoon

Adress : 763 High Rd Leyton, London E10 5AB, UK

Phone : +44 20 8558 8858

Opening time table :

Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday 7AM–10PM
Tuesday 7AM–10PM
Wednesday 7AM–10:30PM
Thursday 7AM–10PM
Friday 7AM–10PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM

Fee : Free Admission

Danson Splash Park  18

Danson Splash Park is located in the Danson road of Bexley United Kingdom, that offers huge facilities as the park is bigger. It is an excellent place for getting relax and provides so many things, entertainment in water, and on wet, dry areas. The Park also consists of large place where family can have walking, wildlife, relaxation for everyone.

Danson Splash Park Swimming Pool

Danson Slash Park for kids
Danson Splash Park for kids

Danson Splash Park is surrounded by secured fence so that animals or strangers can attack. The splash park offers several things to children’s, baby dress changing, toilets, refreshment, seating area.

Danson Slash Park
Danson Splash Park

Danson Splash Park has several features like bowling in pool, tennis, rowing, sailing and children playground.


Danson Road, Bexleyheath, Greater London, DA6 8HL, England

Phone number : 020 8303 7777

Opening hours :

7.30am – dusk Mon-Fri, 9am – dusk Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays.

summer 10am-6pm, winter 10am-2pm

weekdays-3.30pm weekends

Danson Splash Park is opened from May to September and the playground is opened forever.

Price : Free Admission

Parking : Parking charges may apply on Holidays and weekdays..

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