Top 5 Historic Monuments of U.K.

United Kingdom is one among many countries that protects its history and culture. If you visit cities in UK, you will come across ancient monuments maintained by the authorities. The main reason for protecting them is to attract many tourists and at the same time, preserve their history. Here are the top 5 historic monuments of U.K.

1. London Eye

The London Eye is one of the finest in the UK. It is a big Ferris wheel located on the Southern Bank of River Thames. The historic monument measures 443ft in height. The wheel measuresĀ  394ft in diameter. In fact, apart from being the biggest in UK, it is the biggest in Europe and has become a historic tourist attraction with millions of visitors coming here each year. This Ferris wheel has the support of an A-structure. It is one of the greatest and tallest observation wheel. The structure adjoins Jubilee Gardens on the Western parts.

London Eye
London Eye – Source

2. Big Ben

It is a name given to the great bell and located in the Northern parts of Westminster Palace in London. It is composed of the clock and the tower. When the construction work started, the Elizabeth Tower was finished in 1859. The first Great Bell sound was heard in 11th July. In fact this tower has remained a prominent symbol in England. Many films shot in the city takes it images as it helps to indicate the region in Britain. Apart from being a historic monument, theĀ  historic bell sound produced is also used in the media. Big Ben has become synonymous with New Year celebrations in UK.

Big Ben
Big Ben – Source


Stonehenge is one of the prehistoric landmarks located in Wiltshire. In fact, it also holds the record as one of the famous in the world. It is composed of the remains of standing ring stones build on the earth surface. It is also located inside Neolithic and Bronze monument ages and other burial mounds. The monument is believed to exist as far as around 2000BC. Today, this monument and the surrounding places are documented by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The surrounding place are owned by National Trust and the monument managed by English Heritage.

Stonehenge – Source

4. London Tower

If you search for the historic monuments in UK, the London tower cannot go unnoticed. Locally, it is known as the Royal Fortress and Palace located on the northern bank on Thames River. It was founded around 1066. The Tower is composed of several complex buildings within two rings of walls. The tower has played significant roles in Britain and its history. First, it was an armory, became a treasury center, a home for the Royal Mints and a Menagerie. It has also served as a public office and the home to Crown Jewel. It is also believes that during the 15th century, this monument became the official Princess Prison.

London Tower
London Tower – Source

5. Palace

The Buckingham palace is another historical monument in UK. The palace measures 108 by 120 metres and 24 meters high with 830000sq ft. of floor. Inside the palace, you get the principal rooms facing the garden and the staterooms. You also get the guard rooms with the white marbles of Queen Victoria. The striking point is the balcony made of Chinese styling. It is highly regarded by the Royal Family especially the Queen.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace – Source

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