Top 10 things to do in Margate

Planning your Vacation to Margate? Here are. My top 10 locations in Margate are as follows.

1. Margate Museum

Margate Museum got an award from Trip Advisor for the excellence of maintaining. Margate is a little place, but it consists full of historical items of Margate. Some of them are a Old Magistrates court, Jail and the rest of the Museum more interactive. The seaside is too fun for anyone to have such a great place.

Margate Museum
Margate Museum – Source

2. The Hornby Visitor Centre

Hornby Visitor Centre is the best place for kids to enjoy with cars and trains. Even though adults too enjoy the place by the displays of centre. There is also a cafe that was really tasty for at sensible price.

Opening Times

October – March daily 10am – 4pm
April – September daily 10am – 5pm

. The Hornby Visitor Centre
. The Hornby Visitor Centre

3. Strokes Adventure Golf

This is a mini Golf course with 18 hole course with an attractive surroundings  that incorporates rockscapes,  plants and water features.

Those who visit Westbrook bay should view this Golf course to have fun.

Strokes Adventure Golf course is affiliated to the British Minigolf Association.

4. Palm Bay Beach

Palm Bay Beach is really a great place for having fun with kite surfing, windsurfing that is located in south east of kent, England.

Palm Bay Beach
Palm Bay Beach – Source

5. The Shell Grotto

The Shell Grotto is located at the Grotto Hill, Margate CT9 2BU, and it is discovered in 1835 by James while he was digging a duck pond. The Grotto is 2.4 metres in height and 21 metres in length with a rectangular room.

The purpose of the structure was built in unknown theory, and it is revealed that was 3000 years ago built. The Grotto is covered with a museum, cafe and gift shop.

The Shell Grotto
The Shell Grotto – Source

6. Margate Sands

At Margate Sands, Motor racing is one of the best sports to enjoy in the sand. The Beach is covered with plenty of things food, restaurants, Bar. Plenty of ways to enjoy at the beach for any age.

Margate Sands
Margate Sands – Source

7. Dane Park

Dane Park is a great place for kids to play that includes sports. The park is surrounded with grassy areas for dog walking, and picnic in the summer.

8.  Margate Tudor House

The Tudor house is one of the oldest building for Margate as it’s architecture makes memorable for every visitor those who loves olden architecture. The Tudor house contains many fascinating things chimneys, glazed windows and high status building.

The opening times are

Saturday & Sunday: 11.30am till 2.30pm (last entry 2pm)

and holidays for December January 2015

Margate Tudor House
Margate Tudor House – Source

9.  Margate Harbour Arm

Margate Harbour arm looks beautiful during the sunset, evening. Visiting this place anyone should see the Margate harbour arm gallery that consists of artists working in their studios.

The place is covered with plenty of things, beach huts drinks, food, cafe and restaurants.

Margate Harbour Arm
Margate Harbour Arm – Source

Sailing boats are specially designed to drive in sea using wind those who love to surf the sea.

Margate Harbour Arm
Margate Harbour Arm – Source

10. Westbrook Bay

The beach is excellent place to relax to enjoy with kids and much more. Kids can play with shells, seaweed as it surrounded with neat and good location. The place is fully covered with plenty of things, Further more visit this link.  Westbrook Bay

Westbrook Bay
Westbrook Bay -Source

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