Top 10 Places to visit in Norfolk through Train

In the UK there are steam engines, mini trains that give much enjoyment and cheaper prices compared to transport. Train Journeys are always safety than transport journeys. Travelers visit more places where we are able to see over through train.

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1. Sheringham

Sheringham is a top place for tourists attraction as it has numerous excited things that we can do.Sheringham city, Sheringham beach, Sheringham park, Sheringham lifeboat station, Sheringham Museum are the top places that we enjoy when visit this place.

2. Cromer beach & pier

Cromer beach & pier
Cromer beach & pier – Source

Cromer beach is located just nearer to Sheringham beach, as it will be easier to reach by walking.

3. Chrysler Museum of Art

Chrysler Museum of Art
Chrysler Museum of Art – Source

The Chrysler Museum of Art is located in the Ghent District of Virginia, Norfolk. The museum had more than 150,000 visitors. The project costs more than $24,000 for renovation and expansion updating, etc.

Art and carving galleries are so much excited by the visitors to this museum. The awesome statue outside our entrance was created by Anna – Hyatt Huntington in the mid ’1950s.

4. North Norfolk Railways

North Norfolk Railways
North Norfolk Railways – Source

North Norfolk railway is the most important museum for those interested have a view of past railway engines. Flowers will be throughout the year and yellow, blue bells are in early summer primroses. Enjoy your travel days in the steam engine to have great laugh and excitement.

5. A visit to wells

There are so many things to do in Wells and some of them are Wells Cathedral, Burcott Mill, Ebbor Gorge,  Wells Walking Tours, Bishop’s Palace and Gardens.

6. The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads
The Norfolk Broads – Source

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are easily navigable rivers in the English Counties of England. What we can do here mean boating, culture, family days to enjoy. Muttons mill, one of the many historic drainage wind-pumps on the Norfolk Broads.

7. Blakeney Point

Blakeney Point
Blakeney Point – Source

Blakeney Point is a National Nature located near the villages of Cley Next to the sea. This is a good place for family enjoyment. Lifeboat station is the best thing to enjoy at Blakeney Point.

8. Shopping in Holt

Shopping in Holt
Shopping in Holt – Source

Shopping Malls are great attraction for every tourist, there are so many shopping malls for ladies, clothes and also there is a Holt Store.

9. The Muckleburgh Collection

The Muckleburgh Collection
The Muckleburgh Collection – Source

This is the largest Private museum for owning several military weapons collections.  It is opened only from 5th April TO November 2nd and the rest of the days are holidays. The museums consist of most used tank or Tanks for war in olden days and also chain motors.

The fees per adult is £10.00 and for child is £6.00

10.  Walking the coast and countryside

Watch the places by walking throughout the beaches that are connected to each other, spend your days in Beach huts once in a life to remember the night.

Bird watching is also a best thing to do at most places to enjoy for some time while we are on the tour.