Top 10 colleges in Oxford

Oxford contains good colleges in united kingdom, some of the colleges that I posted earlier are top 15 colleges and from that these are my Top 10 colleges in 2013. According to people rating’s I have rated these colleges according to viewers.

1. Hertford College

Hertford College
Hertford College – Source

Hertford is a big college, where anyone can get treated like hearted people in that college with good environment. This was my favorite college in oxford the UK. Their courses are being conducted several things, Undergraduates, Postgraduates, college students. The lecturers are an experienced team with powerful knowledge in order to teach anything for students, joining this college students will get proper education with this college.

2.  St Stephen’s House

St Stephen's House
St Stephen’s House  –  Source

St Stephens House is located in the Marston street, Oxford, united kingdom. The house is like a cathedral church with calm and lonely area, where one can study easily in the silence mood. There are most independent students and PGCE courses for students. The fees for annual is euro 9000 those who are staying in Oxford, but for the overseas students it is 13,500 Euros.

3. University of Oxford

This is one of the university where students can learn about heart diseases and life-cycle. There are more courses within this college to become Doctorate, and the college is huge big with experienced lecturers. There are many programs, undergraduate, postgraduate, lifelong with various fields. This is also for international students where any can get education in any field.

4. Somerville College

Somerville College
Somerville College – Source

Somerville college was established more than 100 years ago and most of the students participate  in the college from all over the world. There are much more things like alumni, people and research and conferences.

5. Oxford College

Oxford college is the top one in teaching Distance education. The college provides fast track education for various courses in BTECH, graduate, undergraduate and so on. The most courses are like under Diploma levels A1 B2, etc. This is one of qualified university in Oxford.

6. Green Templeton College

Green Templeton College
Green Templeton College – Source

The name of the college is enough as it shows Green environment college, where people can learn and achieve good things, The college is also called as university and there are many resources like alumni, and the membership are of different types.

7. Magdalen College

Magdalen College
Magdalen College – Source

Magdalen college was found in the year of 1458 by William Waynflete, Magdalen is suitable for some people and the courses are of different, so people should check their courses, fee structure per year or course on their website. The courses have been like this undergraduate, Graduate and BA.

8. All Souls College

All Souls College
All Souls College – Source

All souls college was established in the year of 1438, and its sister college is Trinity Hall located in the Cambridge. The name of the college have come from the dead of 100 years of war with France. The college is located to the north side of high street and Radcliffe square to the west. Sir John Vickers is the current warden.

9. Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College
Corpus Christi College – Source

The Corpus college is located in the Oxford county. The college conducts various courses for undergraduate, postgraduates and there is also alumni on the website where old students can get in touch with their loved classmates.

10. Lincoln College

Lincoln College
Lincoln College  – Source

Lincoln College contains several types of courses not just education. In the past Lincoln college has conducted part-time courses, hair dressing, Apprenticeship, English language summer school.