The UK's top 50 Beaches in 2013

United Kingdom is the worlds largest place for beaches and beach huts. These are my top favorite 50 Beaches that are rated by other people and me too. The beaches has been listed for the top 50 not in serial numbers because every beach temperature and humidity, climate can change at any stage.


Cromer Beach
Cromer Beach – Source

Cromer beach is located in the north Norfolk. It is so much beautiful in summer for all families, kids too can enjoy the beach because of sand skies

2. Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is located at the mouth of Yare River. The beach is also called as sandy beach  between wellington piers and Britannia.

Beach wheelchairs, deck chairs,  boat trips are for hire and for viewing seals leave the central beach.

Great Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth – Source

3. Hunstanton

Hunstanton Beach is the best beach in England where, sun can be seen to set over the sea.

Some of interest activities around this beach are surfing, sailing, windsurfing,  bird watching, and many more beach activities.

Hunstanton Beach
Hunstanton Beach – Source

4. Mundesley

Mundesley Beach is a beautiful beach located on the North of Norfolk Coast. Dogs are welcomed at this beach for Dog Lovers.

Mundesley Beach
Mundesley Beach – Source

5. Sheringham Beach

Sheringham Beach is located in the Norfolk Coast of the region. The beach is excellent to enjoy in beach huts, cafes, and museums too.

Sheringham Beach
Sheringham Beach – Source

6.Wells next to the Sea

Wells next to the sea beach is a sandy beach covered with sea life and shells located to the part of Holkham Estate.

Wells Next To The Sea
Wells Next To The Sea – Source

7.Margate Beach

Margate beach is 200m in length with sandy, broad walks. The place gives excitement for the sportsmen as it is for golf and bowling.

Margate  Beach
Margate Beach – Source

8.Dover Beach

Dover Beach is perfect for walking and specially with dogs also it is good for taking relaxation. The beach is surrounded by cafes and restaurants to eat and take snacks.

Dover Beach
Dover Beach – Source

9.Deal Beach

The beach is so much long stretch and popular for residents, tourists in the summer.

Deal Beach
Deal Beach – Source

10. Whitstable

Whitstable west beach is beautiful and people are advised to bring deck chairs, for relaxation at this beach or else book a beach hut for placing all our items to enjoy at this beach.

 Whitstable Beach
Whitstable Beach – Source

11. Folkestone Beach

The beach is easily reachable by hiking down of the footpath, and the beach is more attractive towards surfing and swimming.

folkestone Beach
folkestone Beach – Source

12. Broadstairs Beach

Broadstairs Beach is a seaside consists of park, toilets, cafes, ice-cream shops, beach tents, much more to enjoy at this beach.

Broadstairs Beach
Broadstairs Beach – Source

13. Blackpool Beach

The beach is excellent to have a pleasure beach resort and most of the tourists enjoy by riding.

Blackpool Beach
Blackpool Beach – Source

14.Lancaster Beach

At Lancaster we are able to enjoy with best beaches and some of them are Ainsdale Beach, Formby Beach.

lancaster beach
lancaster beach – Source

15.Barmouth, Wales

The Beach is situated between the mountains of Snowdonia and the sea. Barmouth is the best destination for seashore holidays, walking & outdoor activity breaks, or fresh air vacation at any season.

Barmouth Beach
Barmouth Beach – Source

16. Grimsby

At Grimsby we find few pretty beaches to enjoy and stay. A lot of Tourists visit with camping tents to spend time at this beach.

Grimsby Beach
Grimsby Beach – Source

17. Skegness Beach

Skegness beach is a friendly beach offers wheelchairs, and an additional extra large wheelchairs are offered to the disabled people on the east coast guard.

Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach  – Source

18. Morecambe

Morecambe consists of North and South beaches in Lancashire, but my advice is to use North beach to enjoy most time.

Morecambe Beach
Morecambe Beach – Source

19.Dungeness, Kent

Dungeness beach is perfect for family, children, hiking, kayaking and other activities are performed. The beach has a record of second world’s largest shingle beach.

Dungeness Beach
Dungeness Beach – Source

20. Holkham Beach

Holkham beach is a stretch of sand and award winner, as this beach is attracted to children, family, for playing, boating, nature view. A lot of people likes to ride on horses.

Holkham Beach
Holkham Beach – Source

21. Moreton

Here the sand is very cool with golden color, boating fishing walking on the beach are some of the activities.

Moreton Beach
Moreton Beach –Source

22. West Kirby Beach

West Kirby Beach
West Kirby Beach –Source

The beach is little of 300 metres in long, easy access. Some of the nearby areas are Hilbre Island local resort, coffee shops, Dee lane.  Water sports, Windsurfers, Kite surfers are allowed within tide line of 100 meters.

Some interesting things to do at this beach are walking, family activities, Sports, Shopping, Heritage and culture.

23. Bamburgh Beach

 Bamburgh Beach
Bamburgh Beach –Source

Bamburgh beach is a sandy beach and looking it up we are able to view Bamburgh castle. Windsurfing, swimming, surfing are allotted into this beach.

24. Ashington Beach

Ashington Beach
Ashington Beach –Source

Ashington is a village and a new location for tourists as there are good beaches and resorts to enjoy. The beaches get thousands of visitors every month and fishing at this beaches are exciting thing.

Some interesting places around this area are  Chillingham Castle, Herterton House Gardens, New Pirate Island, Seaton Delaval Hall.

Ashington – Source

25.Norwich Beach

Norwich is the greatest and clean sandy beach to enjoy with family. There are a lot of things offered around this beach and colorful beach huts are in serial row way.

Norwich Beach
Norwich Beach – Source

26. Camber Sands

Camber Sands is excellent place to enjoy a day with friends or family. The beach is attracted towards everyone because it covers with body boards, buckets, spaces. The beach is great for windsurfing, kite surfing, boating and swimming.

Camber Sands
Camber Sands – Source

27. Seaton Beach

Seaton beach is covered with grey sand and pebbles around and it is located 3 miles of Looe. Dogs are allotted into this beach.

Seaton Beach
Seaton Beach – Source

28. Beadnell

The beach is great excellent sand and cliffs. The beach had a numerous visitors throughout all over the year. The beach is covered with excellent parks and amusements.

Beadnell Beach
Beadnell Beach – Source

29. Blyth Beach

Blyth Beach is located in the Northumberland of the United Kingdom. The beach is a great place for beach lovers, with so many facilities. A serial line of ,Beach huts are offered here with multiple colors and designs.

Blyth Beach Huts
Blyth Beach Huts – Source

Spending time at this beach you will never forget it again.

30 Winterton on Sea, Norfolk

Winterton on Sea, Norfolk
Winterton on Sea, Norfolk – Source

Winterton on Sea is a village, and it is located in the Norfolk, United Kingdom. The beach is excellent place to enjoy on the clean sand and water, Beach café is too there for drinking café at the beach.

31. Gwithian, Cornwall

The beach is sandy, with blue water and some places we could find rocks. The beach is excellent for anyone those who loves to swim, as it consists of clean water. Café shop is too there, for those who loves to drink café and dogs are permitted too.

Gwithian Beach
Gwithian Beach – Source

32. Porlock Bay

The beach is pebble, and it is hard to walk or play at this beach. At this beach we could not find more facilities, but the water is very clean. Bird watching is one of the best passion thing to bird watchers.

Porlock Bay
Porlock Bay – Source

33. Sennen Cove

The beach is clean and sandy with beautiful layout, anyone who visits this beach would likely to enjoy it. The beach has shops, cafes much more just behind the beach.

Sennen Cove Beach
Sennen Cove Beach – Source

34. Southwold Beach

Southwold beach is sandy beach with colorful beach huts. Most of the people comes here to spend time at the beach by fishing and in the sun as water is clean with a cool sand.

Southwold Beach
Southwold Beach – Source

35. Lowestoft Beach

Lowestoft Beach is sandy beach with clean water and parking facility too available. There are even Beach huts are offered for rent to spend time.

Lowstoft Beach
Lowstoft Beach – Source

36. Ryhope

This is not much considered as a beach because of no sand, People often visits rarely but less.

Ryhope Beach
Ryhope Beach – Source

37. Sunderland Beach

Sunderland beach is clean with sandy area to play and walk, dogs are too allowed into this beach. Some of things that we can do here are boating, fishing, walking.

Sunderland Beach
Sunderland Beach – Source

38.Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach – Source

The beach is pebbled beach, however it is not easy to walk on the beach. The beach is excellent place to spend in the daytime. The beach covers coffee, tea shops, with a lot of places to eat and drink. Benches are available for rent at this beach for sleeping, take a rest.

39. West Wittering

West Wittering Beach
West Wittering Beach – Source

West wittering beach is clean and a fantastic beach. The beach offers with beach café, showers, ample parking and much more. Colorful beach huts are there to take a rest and enjoy a day.

40. Kingston Beach

The Beach is located at Sussex and dogs are allowed without restrictions. There are no other facilities at this beach.

Kingston Beach
Kingston Beach – Source

41. Tunstall Beach

Tunstall Beach
Tunstall Beach – Source

Tunstall beach is wide sandy beach and perfect place for those who want to enjoy. The beach is perfect for young families.

42. Porthbeor Beach

Porthbeor beach is located near the hamlet of Bohortha in the Cornwall’s Peninsula. It’s hard to access this beach because of Cliff Tops. The beach is very quiet and cottages, Accommodation are provided at the road that 7 miles by road. Dogs are allotted all the year and no other facilities offered at the beach.

Porthbeor Beach
Porthbeor Beach – Source

43. Sandymouth Beach

Sandymouth beach is located at the Bude in Cornwall of the United Kingdom.  When the tide goes out it is beautiful, The beach is excellent for swimming, surfing, and taking photos over the round rocks.

Sandymouth Beach
Sandymouth Beach – Source

44. Downderry Beach

The beach is sandy, clean, safe place to swim and play in the water. Dogs are allowed throughout the year. The beach is always kept clean for tourists and beach lovers.

Downderry Beach
Downderry Beach – Source

45. Talland Bay

Talland bay is too a small beach located in the Cornwall’s  area. The Beach is quiet with free limited car parking and the beach can accessed easily.

Talland Bay
Talland Bay – Source

46. Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach is quite simply and an ironic beach of Newquay, as it stands for the best surfing beaches in the UK. The beach had so many attractions, boutique, lessons, car parking, camping tents to hire, etc.

Fistral Beach
Fistral Beach – Source

47. Portreath Beach

Portreath beach is sandy, shingle beach in west Cornwall. The beach is great, popular for offering surfing, camping tents on the beach. There are more facilities at the beach, cafe, beach shops, toilets, car parking and dogs are limited to allow on some events in a year.

Portreath Beach
Portreath Beach – Source

48. Seaham Beach

Seaham beach is perfect for walking, playing and if you have a dog it is great to enjoy all the time in the beach. The beach is almost with clean water.

Seaham Beach
Seaham Beach – Source

49. Great Western Beach

Great Western Beach is a golden sandy beach and has great attractions for anyone those who visit. Surfers, boating such long Wooden boats are offered here at this beach.

Great Western Beach
Great Western Beach – Source

50. Beacon Cove

Beacon Cove beach is located just a few metres from the Torquay’s Harbour side.  The beach is shingle beach with quite place to take a rest and sleep and the dogs are too allotted.