The Perks of Travelling Solo

Travel your life
Travel your life

Travelling with family or a group of friends is fun, but travelling solo is something else. The best person you have ever known is ‘you’, so why not take out some time to spend with yourself alone? The idea may sound intimidating, risky, or depressing, though you’ll only realize that’s not the case when you embark on this journey. The perks of travelling solo will change the way you see things and live your life!

1. Self-Discovery

Do you love taking online quizzes? Well, most of us do because they help us learn about ourselves. The pleasure of figuring out our own personality is beyond understanding another person. Therefore, travelling solo is the ultimate journey of self-discovery. You will find your true self in an unrestricted environment, as you gain complete control on your life.

2. Sense of Independence

When you are travelling alone, you get to learn several important life lessons. Since you are not surrounded by your usual support system (family and friends), you learn to rely on yourself. Taking care of yourself, and managing day-to-day activities single handedly makes you strong and independent.

Sense of Independence
Sense of Independence

3. Boost in Confidence

Travelling solo means that there is nobody to speak for you or interrupt you. It is an ideal opportunity to test your own people skills and face your fears. Depending on one’s own abilities to survive in an unfamiliar environment substantially improves their self-confidence.

4. License to be Selfish

You are free to do whatever you want on a solo trip, as long as it does not overlap with local criminal law. You can spend all your day in a deluxe hotel room, skip all the touristy amenities, or head out for an unplanned adventure. You can treat yourself to luxuries without being judged and actually enjoy stuff that matters to you.

5. Economical

Travelling without any companion will save you a great deal of money. You don’t have to take anyone else’s suggestions/preferences into account and you are only responsible to pay for yourself. You can conveniently opt for the cheapest activities, food, and facilities to entertain your needs.


6. No Strings Attached

Solo travel is independent of all expectations and liabilities. You don’t have to create an itinerary that accommodates any other person and their penchants. You can make your own decisions, set your own pace, and even change plans according to your will.

7. Easier to blend in

Blending in with the locals is a lot easier on your own, which helps protect oneself from tourist hustlers. Foreigners are much more conspicuous in a group and that makes them an easy target. Learning a bit of the local language and dressing in local attire is also recommended.

8. Better opportunities to meet new people

Travelling alone is a pleasant excuse to meet new people, develop new friendships, and perhaps even seek special connections. You may not be able to approach or properly collaborate with locals if you visit in a group. You can choose to be yourself or a brand new character around the lovely strangers.

 meet new people
meet new people

9. Creative Space

Travelling solo allows a good amount of soul searching and head space to concentrate on your true passions. The experience lets you thrive in creative projects and brings a sense of self-satisfaction. Your problem solving skills and cognitive abilities will improve on this journey.

10. A Profound Experience

All your senses are heightened on a solo journey. You can truly indulge in every sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch without external interference. You give your undivided attention to the place you visit, which undoubtedly becomes an experience of a lifetime.

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