Minnis Bay Beach

Minnis Bay Beach is popular with sandy and it is famous for families for anyone to visit it. Minnis Bay beach is very clean covered with excellent sand, as the beach offers several things like beach huts, sun bathing.

At this beach we find numerous activities such as boating, Kite/wind surfing, sailing club, fishing, sea canoeing. For kids the beach is fantastic as it contains space for playing children’s.

Wildlife and bird watching are some of the interesting things here we can view them. Please take a look of our Dog Friendly Beaches in Kent

Style of Beach :  Sandy Beach

Beach Huts : Yes with colorful
Dogs Allowed : yes, only some seasons

Activities : sailing, boarding in sea, surfing

Facilities : Toilets

Awards : None

Beach Cafe : coffee

Nearest Town :

Life Guard : yes

Public Transport :

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches :

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

Minnis Bay Sailboarding
Minnis Bay Sailboarding – Source


Minnis Bay Beach
Minnis Bay Beach – Source
Minnis Bay Surf Rescue
Minnis Bay Surf Rescue –Source
Minnis Bay Sandy Beach
Minnis Bay Sandy Beach – Source
Minnis Bay Beach Huts
Minnis Bay Beach Huts – Source

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