Farmers Market in London

When you visit London, go to these famous marketplaces that are closer while you were visiting to have fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve detailed them here because one could buy fresh fruits or get in touch to the market or know the starting timings and schedules.

1. Brockley Market

Brockley Market is located at Lewisham way London. At this market we find fresh Fish, Meat, Poultry, Plants and Food for our daily digestive. An Overground rail transport service is available at this market to travel nearby places.

Brockley Market

Brockley Market
Brockley Market
Brockley Market
Brockley Market
Brockley Market
Brockley Market

2. Ealing Market

Ealing Market is located in the Leeland, London United Kingdom. Numerous Green vegetables and fresh fruits, Meat, Fish, Bread, Cake are available at this Market.

Take a look at the Facebook page as they had updated nicely about the market.

Ealing Market

Ealing Market
Ealing Market – Source

3. Islington Farmers’ Market

Islington Farmer’s Market is in Chapel Market, Penton Street, London. On Sunday we find numerous Fresh Food, boat fish, organic meat, seasonal herbs, cut flowers, fresh veggies, poultry, eggs, fruit and juice, home-made pasta.

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Islington Farmers' Market
Islington Farmers’ Market – Source

4. Queens Park Market

This Market was voted for the best market in the year 2012, UK. The market is opened on Sundays too for people those who are free for buying Food items. There area lot of green vegies, fruits, bread, Jam, Bakery items, much more.

Take a look them on Facebook.

Queens Park market
Queens Park market – Source
Queens Park Market
Queens Park Market – Source

5. Richmond Farmers’ Market

Richmond have several markets and the majority of these markets are handful for any day to have food items for us. Richmond Farmer’s Market can be found at Heron Square just side by Richmond Bridge and on Saturdays the working hours were 11 AM to 3PM only.

6. Romford Farmers’ Market

Romford Farmer’s Market is over 760 years old located in the street of South East of England. The market timings are as follows and it is usually reached by bus too.

Wednesdays 8.30am – 4.30pm
Fridays    8.30am – 4.30pm
Saturdays  8.30am – 5.00pm

Romford Farmers' Market
Romford Farmers’ Market – Source

7. Swiss Cottage Farmers’ Market

Swiss Cottage Farmers Market is located opposite Hampstead Theatre as the market consists of Fresh Vegetables, Garden plants, Fish, Meat, Fruits and much more.

Swiss Cottage Farmers' Market
Swiss Cottage Farmers’ Market – Source

8. Upminster Farmers’ Market

Upminster Farmer’s Market is located in the Station Road Essex. The Market stalls contains exotic Food that we need.

9. Brixton Market

Brixton Market is a street market that is located in the centre of Brixton, South London. In most different food stalls on weekdays and a different market every Saturday.

Brixton Market
Brixton Market – Source

10. Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre

Real Food Market is opened 3 days in a week only, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday as it is located in the Euston Road, London.

Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre
Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre – Source

11. Pimlico Road Farmers’ Market

The Market has established 10 years ago and still running with plenty of food and offers. At this market we find fresh green vegetables compared to any other market including fruits. Have a visit to this market and you are on the way to buy them.

12. Broadway Market Hackney

Broadway Market offers General Goods, food as it is opened on Saturday only. Broadway Market is located in the Hackney Greater London.

13. Notting Hill Gate Farmers’ Market

Notting Hill Gate Market is located in Kensington Place, Kensington, London. At this market we find fresh, drink baked foods and some organic foods that are sold on Saturday.

Notting Hill Gate Farmers' Market
Notting Hill Gate Farmers’ Market – Source
Notting Hill Gate Farmers' Market
Notting Hill Gate Farmers’ Market – Source

14. Peckham Farmers’ Market

Peckham Farmer’s Market is serving fresh food to residents of Peckham, that is located in the Cosmopolitan area of South East England.

Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables, meat, Poultry, herbs, fresh apples, shell-fish are some of the items that are sold here. We could easily find everything that want to eat on seasons time.

Peckham Farmers' Market
Peckham Farmers’ Market  – Source

15. South Kensington Farmers’ Market

South Kensington Farmer’s Market is located in the Brute Street London, United Kingdom. At this market we find numerous Ready made foods an example wild Garlic.

You can read more here,

16. Walthamstow Farmers’ Market

At Walthamstow Farmers Market we find some of the interesting foods here Pasta and Pesto, Bow Belly Bakes, Jams, Local Honey. The Market is opened from 10 AM to 2 PM and offered a free sample to do tasty.

Walthamstow Farmers' Market
Walthamstow Farmers’ Market – Source

17. Farmer’s Market at Valentines Mansion & Gardens

Valentine’s Mansion is situated within Valentine’s Park Ilford. Redbridge. This is mainly useful for wedding, Reception, Corporate Event, Function ceremonies in London, UK..

18. Herne Hill Farmers’ Market

Herne Hill Market offers most varieties of food. Ginger drink, bread, hot food, Popcorn’s, Carrot Cake and much more.

19. Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market is located in the Clerkenwell, London Borough of Islington with 32 stalls in the outdoor  street market.

Various Goods are being sold here so check wise to have your fruitful vegetables that you want.
Exmouth Market
Exmouth Market – Source

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