British Vacation Trends in a Year

British Vacay Trends, Destinations, and More

Did you know that an average British family spends a quarter of their annual income which is roughly £6,000 on holidays? A holiday is a perfect opportunity to just relax and recharge the batteries for some while others like to utilize this time to explore far-flung destinations. Some like to backpack for weeks while others like to spend a day or two in a luxurious resort.

Stay cation is another popular way to spend a vacation, which is basically a city break in which you visit your local attractions, go shopping, or just order in and watch the telly. This might be a good option for those who already blew up their vacation funds on an expensive getaway or those who are too lazy to travel and want to catch up on the much-needed sleep that they miss because of fast-paced and busy lives. According to a recent survey, a whopping 48% of the people recently had a city break, making it the most popular choice of vacation.

Check out his infographic put together by Complete Holiday Homes which will inform you with the latest trends and vacation statistics of Britons. Learn more about their favorite destinations, frequency of planning vacations, comparison of average vacation days per year, the average expenditure on vacations, and much more.

UK Holidays unveiled
UK Holidays Unveiled

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