Hampton Pier East

 Hampton Pier (East) is wonderful beach located in the North Coast of Kent, England. The beach is excellent for boating, fishing and enjoying with the dogs. Beach huts too offered from third part for rent with food and water facilities, please check out the rates.

The beach is covered most part with sand, pebbles and some part with mud. So enjoy where you want either on pebbles or mud.

Hampton Pier
Hampton Pier East – Source

Style of Beach :  Sand or Pebbles
Dogs Allowed? : Yes

Activities : Fishing, Walking, Boating, Bird Watching, Skiing

Facilities : Beach huts

Awards : None

Beach Cafe :

Nearest Town :

Life Guard : No

Public Transport : Yes from Dover

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches :

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

There are more things that covered around this beach to enjoy a day or two. Car Parking is too available at this beach.

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