Top Ten Beaches Near London

London is famous place in the world for visiting intriguing places. London has breathtaking places that we never forget them in life, such as Museums, P{arks, Beaches, Markets and Colleges.

1. Dungeness Beach

Dungeness Beach is excellent for fishing as it is a shingle beach and Dogs are permitted all over the year. Never Carry Dogs nearer to the beach as the water is too high and underneath mud.

Dungeness Beach
Dungeness Beach – Source

2. West Wittering beach

West Wittering beach is beautiful with sand and beach huts as it is more convenient place for Kitesurfing, Swimming, Windsurfing, playing, camping. Dogs are allowed into the beach for walking, playing along with us. Read further more about West Wittering Beach

West Wittering Beach
West Wittering Beach – Source

3. Bournemouth Dorset

Bournemouth Dorset beach is a exotic seaside that is situated on the southern shore of Britain, and it looks more spectacular from far. The beach is clean and family friendly beach for anyone visited  the beach enjoys a lot.  Vibrant Beach-huts with populated people, stores, few of eatables that are available at the seaside.

Bournemouth, Dorset
Bournemouth, Dorset – Source

4. West Bay, Kent

West Bay Beach is sandy beach located at the north coast of England, Kent, UK. At this beach toilets, chalets, meals, cafe are available. The west bay beach is excellent to watch during the sunset.

West Bay, Kent
West Bay, Kent – Source

5.  Birling Gap, West Sussex

The beach gets populated during the end of the week and most of the perspective looks wonderful with chalk, as you can see the image below.

One cannot appreciate by enjoying, but the perspective and stony stones at seaside is well value to check out. These white cliffs more whiter than the Dover looks magnificent.

Birling Gap Beach
Birling Gap Beach – Source

6. Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands beach is sandy beach with most breathtaking. Plenty of activities take place at this beach. People loves to play volley ball in the sand. The beach is surrounded with cafe, restaurants, shops, lost child centre, slipway, toilets.

Windsurfing, Saiing, Swiming, water sports, donkey rides, Volleyball, Kite Surfing, children’s area for playing.

The beach is wide long with beautiful sand backed by impressive huge sand dunes.

Camber Sands
Camber Sands – Source

7. Kemp Town Beach (Brighton), East Sussex

Kemp Town beach is a sandy and pebble as it is located nearer to Brighton. There were colorful beach huts and the dogs are restricted for entering into the beach.

The Beach is covered with restaurants, toilet, shops, pier and the activities are swimming, bathing, surfing.

Kemp Town Beach
Kemp Town Beach – Source

8. Frensham Great Pond, Surrey

Frensham Pond has a great view when the sunshine’s as it is more attractive Picnic place for kids  The beach area is very clean with grass, toilets, small shops to offer snacks and tea.

The beach is surrounded with beautiful ducks, swans, birds and most of them are hungry to eat from the visitors to the beach.

Frensham Great Pond
Frensham Great Pond (Surrey) – Source

9.  Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Frinton On Sea is a sandy beach located at the Tendring District of Essex, England. The Beach is always clean and the water is too fresh to enjoy.

Beautiful beach huts that are available at this beach for reasonable rates. One must carry their own food to have at the beach since some shops that offer few snacks only.

The activities at the beach are Sailing, windsurfing, Fishing, Bathing, Swimming and bird watching.

Dogs are banned from May 1st to 30th September.

Frinton On Sea
Frinton On Sea – Source

10.  Climping, West Sussex

Climping beach is located in the south coast and also known as Atherington Beach. The Beach is shingle, dogs are too allowed and most people enjoy fishing.

The beach has low tide and high tide and people love to have coastal walks during sunset. The view of the beach really looks beautiful at the sunset.

Climping Beach
Climping Beach – Source

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