The Great London in England

From this British Traveler website I am getting numerous mails in the past 6 months about countless reviews and attractions in England. London is great attraction for every traveler who visit England. London consists of several museums, parks, Restaurants, theaters, Beaches, Places etc.


London Museums are great, and every tourist get attracted towards these Museums. Every Museum Covers restaurant, bars, taxis for travelers. The Museums are located in the city area, people will reach them easily by Car or Train. Some of the Exciting Museums are British Museum, Science Museum, Imperial War Museum, Natural history Museum. London has more museum that I haven’t listed, but in forth coming posts will be available on this blog.

British Museum
British Museum – SourceĀ 

Horniman Museum
Horniman Museum – Source
Tate Britain
Tate Britain – Source

London Shops

Shopping malls are the one we love to do something to buy either a jeans or a dress, but Westfield London exists several shops under the shopping mall. These shopping mall is huge and we can find anything what we want to buy, shoes, clothes, music, eatables.

Westfield London
Westfield London – Source
London Shops
London Shops – Source
London Girls Dress Shops
London Girls Dress Shops – source
London Men's Wear
London Men’s Wear – Source
London Gent's & Ladies Wear
London Gent’s & Ladies Wear – Source
London AJ Jeans Wear
London AJ Jeans Wear – Source
London Kids Shopping Mall
London Kids Shopping Mall – Source


London Parks and Gardens are the one to enjoy during our journey to save hotel charges or accommodation charges since these Gardens are almost free to relax by ourselves and the city covers with numerous Parks and Gardens. Some of them are Kensington Gardens Hyde Park, St James park, Victoria Park, Holland Park, Greenwhich Park. Kenwood Park.

Kenwood Park
Kenwood Park – Source
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens – Source

London Food

The food we eat in London is really tasty and delicious, eating in the hotel or shops anywhere we can have tasty foods. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner whatever London food is always fresh and tasteful anywhere in the city.London Westfield Food Shops

London Westfield Food Shops – Source
London Food Tour
London Food Tour – Source
London Food Tour
London Food Tour – Source

London Sights

There is more exciting places in London for any traveler, because of numerous things that we are able to do in London. Buckingham Palace, Cathedrals, London Eye, House of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. If you are visiting London please take photos of your lovely moments at these places. Tower Bridge astonishes to you in the night with a light system of that bridge.

London Eye
London Eye – Source
London Football Shop
London Football Shop – Source


London has great cinema halls that are easily accessible by any bus, taxi or train. Some of the theaters that are famous in London with large number of viewers in these theaters. Here are some, Dominion Theatre, London Royal theater Haymarket, London national Theater, Sweeney Todd Adelphi Theatre, Aldwych Theatre, Lyric theatre, Palace theatre.

Aldwych Theatre
Aldwych Theatre – Source
Her Majesty's Theatre
Her Majesty’s Theatre – Source
Sweeney Todd Adelphi Theatre
Sweeney Todd Adelphi Theatre – Source
National Theatre
National Theatre – Source
Theatre Royal Haymarket
Theatre Royal Haymarket – Source
Duchess Theatre
Duchess Theatre – Source


In the last we need to spend at the beaches to enjoy their exciting vacation and at London beaches we will find quite difference with other beaches. London beaches had beach huts, where we enjoy a night or spend some time by sleeping under those beach huts. The beaches covers everything that we needed either a bar or restaurant or food cafe.

London Beach Volley Ball
London Beach Volley Ball – Source
Beach Volley Ball
Beach Volley Ball – Source
Camden Beach
Camden Beach – Source
Beach Huts in London
Beach Huts in London – Source
London Beach Huts
London Beach Huts – Source