The Best Places For Sports In England

England has developed an incredible legacy and tradition in sports over the years. Football, rugby, cricket, tennis and more have established popularity over decades and in some cases centuries, with the result that sports are deeply ingrained in British society. For sports fans it’s all fun to follow remotely or online. When you’re looking for a good excuse to travel around Britain though, or you just want a glimpse of culture up close, nothing quite beats seeing sports in person.

These are some of the best places to do it!

Wembley Stadium – London

Wembley is something of an all-purpose stadium in London, to the point that it even hosts NFL games from America a couple of times a year these days. It also hosts major rugby and football matches, and is the temporary home of Tottenham Hotspur, which is waiting on a new, incredible stadium. Wembley has been called the most beautiful stadium in England, and with good reason. It’s a sensational place for any sort of match.

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

All-England Club – London

While Wembley serves all purposes, the All-England Club in London is meant decidedly for one event: the Wimbledon tennis championships. Known around the world as the most prestigious event in the sport, Wimbledon is an occasion unlike any other in sport, and this is thanks at least in part to its famous grounds. Dark green stadiums, light green lawns, and an overarching image that’s been perfected to the last detail make the All-England Club truly unique among sporting venues.

Old Trafford – Manchester

While Wembley rules for national team competition and other events, league football is the true passion of England. Supporters follow the teams year round, go to great lengths to choose the right platforms to bet on the matches with, and attend live contests whenever possible. That makes the club stadiums very important, and Old Trafford may pack the most tradition and prestige of all of them. This is the home of Manchester United, and a venue that’s consistently hosted excellent football and passionate crowds for many, many years.

Cheltenham Racecourse – Cheltenham

As you might guess from the name, the Cheltenham Racecourse at the edge of the Cotswolds is a horse racing venue. It’s one of several prominent ones around England, but arguably the most fun of the bunch. This is because its primary competition is the Cheltenham Festival, an aptly named four-day extravaganza of fashion, festivity, and racing. No other sporting event is quite like it, and it makes this racecourse somewhat legendary.

Cheltenham Racecourse
Cheltenham Racecourse

Headingley – Leeds

Lord’s in London is actually the most famous cricket ground in the UK, and one of the best in the world. But since we’ve focused on London a little bit already, we’re looking instead to Headingley in Leeds. This 17,000-seat venue has hosted cricket for more than a century, which as you might imagine means it’s developed quite the sense of tradition. On top of that, 17,000 is actually relatively small when compared to some of the other great cricket venues in the world, which means there’s a certain intimacy to be had at Headingley that you don’t get in many places.


Craven Cottage – Fulham

Fulham isn’t typically among the strongest English football clubs, but it’s one with a rich history nonetheless, as well as a strong local base of support. For these reasons as well as because of the stadium’s actual construction, the club’s home venue of Craven Cottage is often ranked as another of the best places to see football in England. In a way that doesn’t stop it from feeling like very much part of a professional sporting system, Craven Cottage almost seems more local than most of its counterparts.

Craven Cottage
Craven Cottage

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