Museums in Kent

Museums in Kent listed below according to me and my British Friends, If you know any museum that wasn’t here please let me know so I can add it in the list.

Here are Museums in Kent

1. Guildhall Museum

Guildhall was built in 1687 and later converted it to the Guildhall museum.  The museum is so big to display olden exhibits, some of them are weaving thread machine, arts, paintings, dolls. The museum is 3 storeyed building that we need to watch whenever visits Kent.

Guildhall Museum
Guildhall Museum – Source

2. Dover Transport Museum

Double duck buses, cars, tractors, engines, Jeeps, motor cycles that are been used in olden days. Some of them are built in modern days too. A wide variety range of transport vehicles are displayed at this museum.

Dover Transport Museum
Dover Transport Museum – Source

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3. Kent Battle of Britain Museum

This is small museum for displaying aircraft that are used for the battle during the world war. There are more Aircraft that are invented by someone from Kent an example Hawker Nimrod II K 3661 (G-BURZ), c/n: 41H-59890.

The Museum is opened now upto November 1st, so please check the months and dates before you want to visit any of the museums.

Kent Battle of Britain Museum
Kent Battle of Britain Museum – S0urce

4. Margate Museum

The museum got an award of excellence of 2014 certificate and can’t describe anything as the certificate it itself tells to visit the location.

Margate Museum
Margate Museum –Source

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5. Canterbury Heritage Museum

Canterbury Heritage Museum is located in the Stour Street, Canterbury nearer to the South East England. The Museum is helpful to the children, artists, painters, sculptors and many more. Some of them exhibits are as flows, Medieval Carved Stones, Huguenot, Tudor, Victorian.

The admission fees per adult is £8.00, £6.00 and card holders it is free for entrance.

Canterbury Heritage Museum
Canterbury Heritage Museum

6. Dover Museum

Dover Museum
Dover Museum – Source

Dover Museum is located in the town centre of Dover with the history of archeology museum. This museum shows everything of rich and interesting areas.

7. Dover Castle

Dover Castle
Dover Castle – Source

Dover Castle is known as Medievel Castle located in the Dover of Kent and it was the key to England founded in during 11th Century A.D.  It is the largest castle of England with more archeology items to display. The Castle is surrounded with beautiful lawn on excellent ground as you can’t lose hopes to enjoy it.

8. Roman Museum

Roman Museum
Roman Museum – Source

Don’t miss this Roman museum as it is one of the finest museum in England where you will discover Roman objects like a precious jewellery. Largest collections of carvings and paintings that displays on mud are exhibited at this museum. Toys and several types of olden days carvings are view-able at this londonium museum.

Wooden Cart At Roman Museum
Wooden Cart At Roman Museum – Source

A nice wooden cart that was built by some enthusiastic a must watch to this cart. Many more attractions over this Roman museum on Mud carving.

9. The Shoreham Aircraft Museum

The Shoreham Aircraft Museum
The Shoreham Aircraft Museum – Source

Shoreman Aircraft museum displays more than hundreds of aviation relics that are crashed during the olden wars of British. The main focus of this museum is battle of Britain in the earlier days. Some of the aircraft engines that re recovered from this battles and displayed at this museum are

super-marine spit fire, ME 109, Hawker Hurricane, Junkers 88.

The museum had a tea room for serving cakes, tea for the guests who visits this museum. In the end the museum displays a lasting life of those aircraftmen who played a major role in world war 2.

10. Royal Engineers Museum

 Royal Engineers Museum
Royal Engineers Museum – Source

Royal Engineers Museum is located at Prince Arthur Road, Kent in England. It has most decent attractions that are used for olden wars. Tanks have been displayed in various models that we couldn’t find in any other museum.

a large collections of Army Vehicles, Tractors, Lorries, Weapons, Soldier dresses, Pistols, guns, Aeroplanes, Helicopters and much more. Chain motors carrying huge bombs that are used in wars for killing troops. Aeronautical and mechanical engineers always get attracted towards this museum and they will spend whole the day here, because we all get more excited.

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