london Sewing Machine Museum

The London sewing machine museum is runs by the family of queen Victoria Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company. The Museum is a beautiful place of Alladin’s  cave antique and accessories of sewing machines.

Aladdin's Cave of antique sewing machines
Aladdin’s Cave of antique sewing machines – Source

Location: London Sewing machine museum is located in the Balham High Road United Kingdom. There is a parking for cars too available.

London Sewing Machine Museum
London Sewing Machine Museum – Source

The Museum contains more than 600 Machines to exhibit as great sewing machines museum. All of these sewing machines are domestic and industrial use only.  There are three main attractions in this museum,

Lot of Sewing Machines
Lot of Sewing Machines – Source

1. A special sewing machine owned by Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter during her present.

Princess Victoria's sewing machine
Princess Victoria’s sewing machine – Source

2. Singer Machine

Singer sewing machine
Singer sewing machine – Source

3. America presented a patent machine to this Great Sewing Machine Museum.

Entry Fee :The fee is almost free for everyone to view this wonderful sewing machines. All members should be aged more than 16 as it is for adults only.

Alfa Stitchline
Alfa Stitchline – Source

Opening Timings :  Opens on the first Saturday of every month between 2pm & 5pm. therefore please look your tour operations too because this museum is once in a month.

Address :

Phone: 020 8767 4724

Address: 308-312 Balham High Rd, London, Greater London SW17 7AA, UK


Vulcan Sewing Machine
Vulcan Sewing Machine – Source
Toy Sewing Machine
Toy Sewing Machine – Source
Schubert Sewing Machine
Schubert Sewing Machine – Source
Elva Sewing Machines
Elva Sewing Machines – Source
Workshop Sewing Machines
Workshop Sewing Machines – Source
Sewing machine storage box
Sewing machine storage box – Source
Sewing Machine Beauties
Sewing Machine Beauties – Source
Decorated sewing machine
Decorated sewing machine – Source


Jones Machine sign
Jones Machine sign – Source