Cley Beach

Cley Beach is located in the north Norfolk of England. Cley next the sea is a natural beauty destination area and is just 1 mile far away from Blakeney east and from Holt 4 Miles far away. The Beach is quiet, in evening and it is a Pebbles beach as the dogs are too allowed into this beach because it is Dog Friendly.

Cley Beach with Pebbles
Cley Beach with Pebbles – Source

Pebbles At Beach
Pebbles At Beach – Source
Dog Friendly Beach
Dog Friendly Beach – Source

Bird Watching

At Cley Beach we are able to do several things for enjoyment, some of the passionate things people do is Bird Watching, Many people use their camera to snap photos or to see birds on the sea seashore. Cley Beach is excellent place for Bird Watching in North Norfolk of the United Kingdom.

Some people enjoy by reading books, jogging, Cycling and much more. Children’s fly kites to spend the time at this seashore. Everyone shall excite at this beach. Taking rest is the last decision as we always likes to sleep at the seaside either in summer months or winter.

Bird Watching
Bird Watching – Source
Bird Watching At Cley Beach
Bird Watching At Cley Beach – Source
Bird At Cley Beach
Bird At Cley Beach – Source
Girl with Bycycle
Girl with Bicycle – Source
Playing with Kite
Playing with Kite – Source
Rear viewing At Cley Beach
Rear viewing At Cley Beach – Source
Taking Rest Cley Beach
Taking Rest Cley Beach – Source
Cley Beach in Afternoon
Cley Beach in Afternoon – Source

Fishing at the Cley Beach

Fishing is my favorite enjoyment at any sea because I love to eat fish. At this beach numerous people bring different types of Fish catching tools, but intriguing points are automatic fishing by sleeping at the seashore. It is really possible to catch fish at this beach as you will discover huge fish in the sea. Each fish is fresh and too much tasty to fry or cook.

Fishing At Beach
Fishing At Beach – Source
Fishing at the Cley Beach
Fishing at the Cley Beach – Source
Fisherman at the Cley Beach
Fisherman at the Cley Beach – Source
Fishing At Cley Beach
Fishing At Cley Beach – Source
Auto Fishing At Cley Beach
Auto Fishing At Cley Beach – Source

Camper Van at the beach

Some persons hire Camper Van for entering into this beach and returning to their home or journey. Camper vans are available for rent at this beach or the destination from where we arrive.

Camper Van At Cley Beach
Camper Van At Cley Beach – Source

Beach Cafe and Toilets

At this Beach we can have a coffee or snacks and also a shop in the beach. It’s quite good to have such a shop in the beach. We will discover boats to ride into this seashore for having fun and view around the sea. Surfing into the sea is more fascinating point and we all want to surf in the water, but we need to take care by ourselves, since no rescue team or anything for anyone. Facilities such as toilets for anyone at this beach are provided by the Beach staff.

Beach Cafe
Beach Cafe – Source

Beach Boats

Boat At Cley Beach
Boat At Cley Beach – Source
Surfing in The Sea
Surfing in the Sea – Source

Beach huts at the Sea

At the end those who want to spend some time alone at the sea to have a break or sleep, are able to do in the beach huts. This beach huts are already available for rent at any time and please book your hut before coming to the beach.

Cley Beach Huts
Cley Beach Huts – Source
Cley Beach At Evening
Cley Beach At Evening – Source
Cley Beach At Sunset
Cley Beach At Sunset – Source
Rainbow on Cley Beach
Rainbow on Cley Beach – Source

Beach in night

Cley Beach in Night
Cley Beach in Night – Source

We will list some nearest hotels to this beach in future to spend more time at this beach.  At night the beach looks red and some times yellow and at the sunset it looks more brighter red in color.