Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide

Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide

Planning on a trip abroad? Before packing your bags, be sure to study up on the

vaping laws in your destination.

For vagabond vapers, it’s important to take some time to see whether or not you will be able to bring your e-cigarette with you on your travels. As of 2015, roughly one-third of countries have introduced some sort of e-cigarette regulation. In many countries, these laws are still very much in a state of flux, so tourists have to be careful to get informed about the laws, regulations and attitudes towards vaping before jetting off.

With many governments unsure about how to regulate the industry, laws around vaping can vary greatly from country to country. These regulations differ significantly in their severity; while 21 nations have banned vaping outright, others take a more relaxed approach.

Travellers have to be especially careful when visiting countries that have rules that mightnot be immediately obvious. One example of this is Portugal – here, you can receive heavy
fines for vaping in vaping in public places. In Egypt,E-cigarettes are legal but vaping in public is not and the sale of vaping gear is prohibited.

If you are interested in finding out more about electronic cigarette laws around the world, take a look at the below infographic the team at Purplebox Vapours. This highly informative guide outlines the different vaping rules and regulations across US, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and South America. Be a smart vaper and don’t get caught out on your next trip, read the below infographic now!

Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide
Where in the World Can I Vape? A Traveller’s Guide
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