Top 10 Zoos In England

England has more than 50 best zoos that we need to watch them, Most tourists doesn’t get the time to go for all of the zoos. Here are Top 10 Zoos in England listed in a serial row.

1. London Zoo

London Zoo is one of the best zoo for attraction towards animals of all types. Tiger, Penguins,¬† Gorilla, monkeys and numerous of animals exists in this Zoo. The fee is too low compared to the other Zoos. The Zoo had more security, therefore authorities won’t allow under the age of 16 without parents. Mobile App and Guide books are available to know the exact destination time and rules of the zoo.

London Zoo
London Zoo – Source

2. Marwell Wildlife

Marwell Wild life is located in the Hampshire England and it is also known as Marwell Zoological Park. Visit to the Marwell Zoo offers for a chance to see wild life closely and touchable to some of the animals. Rhinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Tigers, Lions, Monkey’s much more animals area available at this zoological park.

Marwell Wildlife
Marwell Wildlife 0 Source

3. Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo offers to view great animals for a less cost unlike other zoo’s can’t and remember the warning sign boards that show how to feed, touch, view. Some of the animals named from the zoo are chimpanzees, Meerkat, Red Panda, Tiger cub, Giraffe, etc.

Dudley Zoo
Dudley Zoo – Source

4. South Lakes Wild Animal Park

South lakes safari zoo is established in 1994 at Cumbria and the founder was David Gill. The park contains numerous cheetahs, Tigers, Lions, arctic wolf, Kangaroos, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, etc.

The zoo is occupied by 17 acres of land for these great animals home. The place is excellent for kids to enjoy all the day in the zoo, make sure take precautions wherever necessary.

South Wales Safari Zoo
South Wales Safari Zoo – Source

5. Woburn Safari Park

Woburn park is named from the city of Woburn as it is a safari park in the United Kingdom. The park exhibits large animals including White Rhinoceros, Tigers, Elephants and Black Bears.

There are more animals that attract to every visitor at this zoo, A must watch this Zoological park for those who travel United Kingdom.

Woburn Safari Park
Woburn Safari Park – Source

6. Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold wildlife is located in Oxfordshire, as the opening time will be from 10 am to 6 PM on most occasions.

Activities at this zoo are great for kids to enjoy a day at this zoo. Some of the activities are as follows.

Penguin Feeding, Lemur Feeding, big Cats, Kids Farmyard.

Narrow Gauge Railway is the one best for kids to travel and watch all those animals by sitting in the small train.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens
Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens – Source

7. Drusillas Park

In England some zoo’s offers train service for viewing those wonderful animals. This is one of the best zoo that has Thomas Tank Engine Train system help us to reach all over the Zoo, There was a separate fee for this train journey.

Drusillas Park
Drusillas Park – Source

8. Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is in the city of Bristol¬† South West of England. Main attraction in this zoo is Lion’s club talk, Gorillas, Tigers with 400 species plus. Giant Tortoise is a great venture to see as it is available only in this zoo. The zoo is for adults 18 plus only because of wild animals.

Bristol Zoo
Bristol Zoo – Source

9. Banham zoo

Banhan Zoo occupied 50 acre of land to exhibits most wild animals, it is opened from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. The zoo exhibits numerous wild animals, including birds, penguins and a lot more.

Banham Zoo
Banham Zoo – Source

10. Chester Zoo

At Chester Zoo we discover over 11,000 animals with more than 400 different Species. The zoo is covering a largest place more than 110 Acres of land to preserve these lovely animals. It is the oldest zoo that has opened in 1931 by George Mottershead. Check the opening time and occupy your entry for this crowded zoo and never miss it.

Chester Zoo
Chester Zoo – Source