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The Great London in England

London Museums are great, and every tourist get attracted towards these Museums. Every Museum Covers restaurant, bars, taxis for travelers. More »

Top 10 Facts About British Museums

England has numerous attractions and not just beaches or the Hotels in London. Museums are too important for every traveler to visit and watch the items in museums. More »

Whitstable Beach Huts

Here are some of the beach huts that are located nearest beaches in Whitstable. Nearly all of the beach huts are dog friendly, Eco friendly and located in quiet area. More »

Top 5 Hotels in London

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Top 10 beaches in england

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Cley Beach in Norfolk

Fishing is my favorite enjoyment at any sea because I love to eat fish. At this beach numerous people bring different types of Fish catching tools, but intriguing points are automatic fishing by sleeping at the seashore. More »

North Norfolk Museums

Norfolk has numerous attractions, things to do better than those beaches for summer vacation. Norfolk can be enjoyed throughout the year More »

Birdwatching in North Norfolk

In England, Bird watching is the fascinating thing for travelers those who travel from any country or destination. Wild life is another source for visitors to view animals, More »

Guide to Fish and Chips at British Beach huts

Eating at seashore Beah hut life has made easier to eat fish and snacks, check out the best dishes for reasonable prices at different beach huts location. More »


Whitstable West Beach

Whitstable Boat

Whitstable West Beach is shingle beach owned by the Whitstable Oyster Company. This is perfect those who want to relax on the seaside as the sound of waves make us sleepy.

The Beach doesn’t have  shops, tea shops, beach girls, or bay guys. The beach is very loneliness with beach huts as they are not enough for the guests.

Sheerness Beach

Shell at Sheerness Beach

Sheerness Beach is located centrally in the town of sheerness at the north coast of Isle of Sheppey.  Dogs are welcome at this beach and disabled parking is offered at this beach.

The award winner beach is served by good roads, rail that include blue badge spaces.

Minster Leas Beach

Minster Leas Beach

Minster Leas Beach is located on the north coast of Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The Beach has won an award for the cleanliness and for the facilities offered at the beach.

The beach is fantastic for walking along with Dogs, day tripper and holiday makers. Beach huts are excellent for having a day under these beach huts. Food and a coffee can be available at the nearest place.

Tankerton Beach

Tankerton Beach

Tankerton Beach is perfect for the tourists and picnics too. The place is quiet, clean water and grassy area near the coffee and sandwich bar and toilets.

The place is fantastic for walking on the grass and it is dog friendly numerous Dog Bins are too offered at the beach.

Hampton Pier West Beach

West Hampton Pier Beach

Hampton Pier West Beach is located in the Whitstable Kent. The beach is small, but enough to enjoy  boating, fishing and swimming. Dog are allowed throughout the year without restriction.

Beach huts are too offered at this beach for an affordable cost.

Hampton Beach House

Hampton Beach House - Source